If your startup company, SMB, or nonprofit organization is in the market for a new copier, but the budget isn't cooperating, there's a solution for that. Refurbished copiers and other office equipment can help smaller organizations get the features they need without putting undue pressure on their finances.

Why Acquiring Refurbished or Restored Office Equipment is a Brilliant Business Move

1. Refurbished Costs Much Less than New

Refurbished office equipment is always less than expensive than new, but the actual savings may surprise you. Many companies save as much as 70% off the retail price of a new copier by purchasing a refurbished model.

For startups, small-to-medium businesses, non-profit organizations, and home offices refurbished office equipment from industry-leading manufacturers is a fantastic option. With less money spent on office equipment, these smaller groups can channel their revenues into capital projects.

2. Refurbished is the Green Choice

Refurbished office equipment takes fewer resources from the environment and puts nothing into a landfill or recycling center. By delaying or avoiding the purchase of new equipment, you're helping another company make an environmentally responsible choice as well. Their equipment won't end up in a landfill, and you'll have access to a like-new device that will serve your needs for years to come.

3. Refurbished is Restored

There's no need to worry that your refurbished copier will break down as soon as you begin using it. At RDS, a talented team of experts conducts a 77-point inspection of every copier we sell. During this inspection process, the copier is restored to meet or exceed the specifications mandated by the manufacturer. Your organization gets a like-new copier for a price that won't leave a huge hole in your budget.

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We perform a 77-point inspection and restoration process on all printers to ensure they meet or exceed factory specifications.

Not only do we offer recycled ink and toner replacements, but we’ll make sure your old ones don’t up in a landfill either.

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