8 Reasons Why You Should Choose RDS Team for your Printers & Copiers 

RDS Team has been Florida’s leading authorized printer and copier company since 2007. Learn why RDS Team stands out among competitors. 


The experience of doing business with the RDS Team is unparalleled. They’re known for cutting-edge products and services, offering leading printer and copier brands and innovative workflow solutions. But these aren’t the only reasons why everyone loves RDS Team. 

“Dealing with them is like heaven,” says a customer on Google Reviews. 

RDS Team has redefined how businesses work with printers and copiers, providing printing equipment that doubles the work, reduces business costs, and overall ensures creative workflow. RDS Team is your best option if you’re on the hunt for the best office printers and copiers. Here are eight reasons why you should choose RDS Team for your printing and copying needs. 

Why Switch to RDS Team’s Printers & Copiers 

  1. Established printing company 

RDS Team has been the leading printer and copier leasing company in Florida. Founded in 2007, it has developed a reputable name for providing exceptional printers, copiers, and workflow solutions. From a customer’s perspective, being established in the printing industry is reassuring. 

Over the years, RDS Team proved to be the best in the state, garnering an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, representing a degree of confidence for a reliable business. RDS Team also received the Inc 5000 Award, a prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing companies. 

Moreover, RDS Team is led by professionals with over 30 years of experience in the printer and copier industry. Gustavo Hermida, RDS Team’s CEO and founder, has over 25 years of experience in the digital printing industry, having been the vice president of sales at HP. Meet the members of the RDS Team here

  1. Leading office printers & copiers 

RDS Team is partners with leading office printers and copiers such as HP, Ricoh, Brother, Xerox, Samsung, and more. These trusted brands are offered in RDS Team’s flexible subscription plans. Enjoy the full performance of large-volume printers and copiers without being tied up in agreements or contracts. 

If you want to purchase, inquire about leasing terms or rental options, call us at 877-959-2234. You can also contact us via our messaging channels

  1. Printers & copiers for everyone 

Considering RDS Team’s products and services, it can cater to all types and sizes of businesses. 

Whether you’re looking for the best home office printer for your online business or a powerful machine to handle all your firm’s printing and copying needs, RDS Team has a solution for you. 

Head over to our website to check our products or services. You can also book a free consultation meeting with RDS Team CEO and founder Gustavo Hermida for an in-depth evaluation to know the right printer and copier for your business. 

  1. 24/7 technical support 

RDS Team has the most reliable printers, copiers, and workflow solutions in the market. Before shipping out our products, we ensure that everything is in its best working condition. However, in cases that you may need support, our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to cater to your inquiries. Our team is well-equipped to handle any issues you may be encountering.

Too, our units are covered by the lifetime replacement warranty. So, if proven to have defects, we’ll replace them with no additional costs. 

  1. Easily accessible 

We are easily accessible across the US. We ship to all states and offer quick and efficient turnaround within three days upon order through resources such as UPS, FedEx, USPS. You can track your orders in real-time updates through our website. 

  1. Flexible & personalized subscription plans 

Gone are the days wherein businesses need cold cash to have working printers and copiers. With RDS Team, you’re not bound by any commitments. We offer flexible and personalized subscription plans that you can cancel anytime. 

Whether you need a multi-functional printer for three months or for two years, RDS Team can provide it. Check out our products and services here.

  1. Free installation from experts 

You don’t need to browse through the Internet about the do-it-yourself printer set up because professional installation automatically applies once your order is confirmed. Our installation team will set up and configure your units for their maximum performance. We will test out its print, scan, fax, and other features to ensure it meets the highest standards. 

Our installation team is certified and has over five years of experience in office equipment installation, repair, maintenance, and customer service. 

  1. Consultation fees on the house 

With our extensive portfolio, choosing the right printer and copier can be challenging. This is why we offer a free consultation with the CEO himself. You’ll have a chance to discuss what you’re looking for, budget costs, and financing options. 

Book a free consultation with CEO and founder Gustavo Hermida here

About RDS Team 

RDS Team was founded to provide workspace innovations to help cut business costs and improve workflow efficiency. Our products and services are available to both small businesses and large enterprises from document solutions, office printing, collaboration technologies, and IT services. 

Our expertise is a result of being in the industry for many years. Presently, we are Florida’s leading and premier source for multi-function copiers, printers, fax machines, and business solutions. 

To learn more about who we are and what we do, visit our website or contact us at 877-959-2234. You can also send an inquiry via our contact form.


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