A Beginner’s Guide to Vtiger CRM Email Templates 

Did you know that 66% of people prefer their emails beautifully designed? It’s time to step up the game and leave simple, plain texts behind. Here’s how Vtiger CRM email templates can help. 

Email is one of the oldest marketing tools. But you might be wondering if it’s still a great investment. To cut it short, it still is. For every one dollar spent on an email, it generates $42 in return, higher than any other channel. 

However, simple emails won’t guarantee a return on investment (ROI). You need to exert every effort to ensure that your emails are appealing and easy to read. Otherwise, potential leads will be part of the 80% of people who open emails using their mobile devices and delete them if they look ugly. 

This is where Vtiger CRM email templates come into play. The email template features let you create email campaigns on Vtiger with pre-designed templates. In this way, you won’t need to start from scratch. 

Learn more on how to create email templates in Vtiger to immensely improve your marketing campaigns. 

Features of Vtiger CRM Email Templates

  • View existing email templates

Vtiger CRM allows you to view existing email campaigns in a list or thumbnail view. In these views, you can see the list of email campaigns you have, add a new email template, edit a template, and preview existing email templates. 

  • Create email templates from scratch

You can create new email templates or use Vtiger CRM’s default templates. While Vtiger’s email marketing templates provide a pre-designed structure, you can further customize it according to your preference. This CRM (customer relationship management) has different options for creating emails such as choosing among the 50 plus themes, available blueprints, free templates, or by using HTML codes. 

  • Send email templates

Once you have polished your Vtiger email templates, you can now send your emails to different contacts. 

  • Edit email templates 

If you have changes to your email templates, you can still edit your Vtiger email campaigns. 

  • Duplicate email templates

Vtiger CRM allows duplication of email templates by clicking the duplicate icon on the upper right side of the email template. 

Benefits of Vtiger CRM Email Templates

  • Design your own templates

The success of your email campaigns is largely determined by the design of your emails. If you don’t have the resources or time to create stunning emails, Vtiger’s email templates can help.

Vtiger’s email templates let you drop and add content, which saves hours of time. Users can either choose a pre-designed template or create their own consistent email design using HTML code. This is crucial for marketers who want to achieve brand consistency in all of their email marketing campaigns. Simply duplicate one email template to create another campaign. 

  • Optimized use for devices

Email marketers don’t need to worry about sending their Vtiger email templates because every template is optimized for mobile devices, computers, and laptops. Even though more than 50% of users open their emails using a mobile device, Vtiger CRM automatically adjusts the viewability depending on device usage. 

  • Improve email designs 

If you have existing email campaigns, you can further improve the designs on Vtiger. You can choose among Vtiger CRM’s templates or create from scratch using HTML code. Then, you can tweak the designs using the easy drag and drop feature. 

  • Track email campaigns 

You can improve your marketing approach by tracking the analytics of your email campaigns. Once your templates are polished, you can now send your emails to the world and track their performance using Vtiger’s email tracking. You can track its data like the number of engagements and number of internal links clicks. 

  • Maximize time spent 

Email marketers using Vtiger CRM’s email templates can save hours and hours of time. Thanks to the number of templates and themes to choose from. All you need to add is content. 

Ready to get started with Vtiger CRM? 

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