Saturday, 24 October 2020 13:00

RDS Talks 3.3: Why Jesse Stolow of Total Window Chose RDS Team for Print Solutions

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Jesse Stolow, considers Total Window as a small business consisting of less than 15 employees and occupying a small office workspace. But even as a small business, they considered RDS Team for their office technology and printing solutions. Why is that?

For the last episode of show three of RDS Talks, Jesse told Gustavo why he particularly chose RDS Team as their printing solutions provider even if there are other businesses offering similar services. 

Before tuning in, watch the previous episode and shows of the RDS Team. Sit down, relax, and enjoy the videocast now accessible on Youtube. 

“For the longest time, we just had a machine sitting on a desk and we would kinda print to it and that was it. As we started to grow with the number of employees sitting at desks and stuff, it was a little bit more convenient for us to have a larger machine that could handle more volume,” Jesse first said. “I create a lot of documents here while I’m working at home. Our new arrangement has smaller machines that we’re putting in different places. We don’t have to have one single machine so w now have multiple devices so I got one in my closet that I am able to print to and use. There’s a lot more versatility than just the traditional having this big tan machine sitting in the corner of an office,” he also added. Besides the convenience of having multiple machines in this current working mode environment, Jesse also fathoms the confidence of the RDS Team and its employees. 

The RDS Team's mission is to provide workspace innovations that help reduce costs and improve business efficiency. We offer products, services, and solutions to help small businesses and national enterprises leverage their information and work more quickly, intelligently, and successfully. These include Document workflow solutions. Office printing and imaging facilities. Audiovisual collaboration technologies. Production print solutions. Services for IT and technological assistance. Targeted healthcare, legal, higher education, and other industries solutions. Corporate Headquarters: 1900 NW 135th Ave. Miami, Florida 33182 | Customer Support Phone: 888-242-4242 |

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