In the last episode of RDS Talks, CEO Gustavo Hermida asks one last question with Anthony Acevedo of Visiting Angels on why their business chose the RDS Team as their printing services provider. Here you will know about the reasons why they chose to go with RDS Team rather than other service providers. 

In the previous episode of RDS Talks, CEO Gustavo Hermida and Anthony Acevedo of Visiting Angels discussed Anthony’s vision on why he started his business. For this episode, the continuation of the startup of Visiting Angels continues. 

In episode two of show four of the RDS Talks, CEO Gustavo Hermida continues his discussion with a good friend and business partner, Anthony Acevedo, of Visiting Angels. In today’s show, the two business leaders sit down to talk about why Anthony first started Visiting Angels. 

As a new show unfolded, RDS Team’s CEO Gustavo Hermida guests Anthony Acevedo, founder of Visiting Angels. In this pilot episode, Anthony talks about the reasons why he loves the flexible options and plans of the RDS Team. 

Jesse Stolow, considers Total Window as a small business consisting of less than 15 employees and occupying a small office workspace. But even as a small business, they considered RDS Team for their office technology and printing solutions. Why is that?

For episode two of RDS Talks 3.2, CEO Gustavo Hermida sits down again with Jesse Stolow of Total Window. This time, the two business leaders discussed the value of relationships in the business world. 

As RDS Talks comes into its third show, CEO Gustavo Hermida guests Jesse Stolow of Total Window. For the first episode, they talked about growing businesses in this time of COVID-19. 

In the final episode of the second show of RDS Talks, Gustavo talks about the benefits of Ricoh MP C501 or also known as Color Laser Multifunction Printer. If you want to know more about this latest machine, keep reading! 

In a business setting, it is significant to have a unified information system and this often comes from communication and comprehension. But what are the tools needed in order to achieve this?

Generally, acquiring office technology involves a leasing agreement wherein a business in need of these said technologies agree on a certain date with the vendor. But sometimes, vendors take advantage of these agreements. In the second episode of RDS Talks, Gustavo discussed how to get away from an unwanted copier or printer lease. 

Almost a year after the widespread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Jack Hakimian of Global Presence Marketing sits down on a new show with RDS Team CEO Gustavo Hermida. Gustavo talks about the print and IT industries’ challenges in this pilot episode while combatting the pandemic.