Imaging equipment is a universal necessity among businesses. Whether it’s a simple printer, or a fancy MFP, every business needs a device to print professional-looking documents.

There are a number of different document-heavy industries, and if your business spends a significant amount of money printing and copying, you need to learn of ways to save money on printing. The setup of your office and the investment of various tools has the ability to impact your bottom line in a positive way.

Although color certainly offers its advantages, monochrome printing dominates many office environments for very practical reasons.

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Which is better for business, the laser printer or the ink jet printer? The debate has raged for some time. Initial costs:

Going green can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different businesses. Many think that going green is simply flipping a light switch, or tossing a plastic bottle into a blue bin. However, the process of going green at the business level is actually multi-faceted and often includes Managed Print Services (MPS).

There is no reason not to embrace the technological advances of cloud-based services, specifically in your IT network.

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Setting up an office with equipment is an expensive proposition, but partnering with the right equipment supplier can make it easier and more affordable than you may think. There are several ways of economizing when outfitting your office with printers, while at the same time getting reliable, eco-friendly equipment.

When people think of color printing, they often associate it with high costs and inefficiency. However, thanks to recent advancements in printing technologies, color printing is now more affordable than ever.

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, there’s often an assumption that such efforts require huge payouts. However, leasing offers unique opportunities to “go green” while actually saving money. At RDS, all of our printers are eco-friendly and are designed to maximize your business’s efficiency.

Printers have been around for quite some time and every business has at least one. They are practically a standard piece of office equipment in every home as well. They are so common now, perhaps we should refer to them as an everyday electronic. It might be safe to presume that the average person knows everything about printer technology.