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Comparing product lines, features, and understanding complex lease terms and service agreements can be an intimidating process when it comes to choosing office equipment. Whether it's a single photocopier, high-volume production tools, or an entire fleet of workplace equipment, RDS TEAM is the Florida photocopier sales firm that makes it simple to get the ideal tools for your needs at the most effective price.

Guaranteed Credit Approval Guaranteed Credit Approval

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We take care of all your Workspace Innovations such as printers, copiers, paper, whiteboards, VOIP phones, and more.  You have access to low-cost monthly subscription plans, fast delivery, remote and on-location technical support. When our customer's copiers can’t be repaired on the spot, we provide them with a free loaner right away. We can offer you Flexible Monthly or Costsaver Lease Plans. No gimmicks, hidden fees, headaches, or extra repair fees. 

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CALL US 24 HOURS AT (888) 498-2775
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Almost a year after the widespread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Jack Hakimian of Global Presence Marketing sits down on a new show with RDS Team CEO Gustavo Hermida. Gustavo talks about the print and IT industries’ challenges in this pilot episode while combatting the pandemic. 

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During these trying times, healthcare organizations are considered very essential as the whole nation battles with the scare of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). In this last episode of RDS Talks for Show 01, CEO Gustavo Hermida, Allan German, together with host Jack Hakimian of Global Presence, talk over the beneficial aspects of signing with RDS Team. 

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In the second to the last episode of RDS Talks, Gustavo and Allan discussed cost-saving enhanced programs with host Jack Hakimian of Global Presence. They also shared how businesses and organizations would benefit from these services.

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In the third episode, Jack Hakimian of Global Presence Marketing once again sits down for a videocast with RDS Team CEO Gustavo Hermida. For this segment, the subject matter revolved around RDS Team’s offered services that educational organizations and institutions can avail. If you want to know more about these services, keep reading! 

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In the first episode of RDS Talks, Gustavo and Allan talked about their RDS Team's mission. Following the next episode still, with host Jack Hakimian, Gustavo was asked about his motivation in starting his own company.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2020 10:09

RDS TALKS 1.1 - What is RDS mission

In the RDS Talks pilot episode, CEO Gustavo Hermida sits down in a videocast with host Jack Hakimian of Global Presence Marketing and business partner and good friend Allan German. For this segment, Gustavo discussed the RDS Team and its mission.

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RDS TALKS with CEO Gustavo Hermida and guest. This videocast/podcast explores the amazing stories and services of RDS Clients, Partners, and Team. RDS (Restored Digital Solutions) Location: 1900 NW 135th Ave. Miami, Florida 33182 | Phone: 888-242-4242 | www.rdsteam.com. The topic of this show is Why are RDS Central VoIP Phone solutions different than other companies?

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Sunday, 16 August 2020 19:30

Guaranteed Copier and Printer Financing

Because RDS Team understands that companies in South and Central Florida often struggle to secure lease financing, we’ve developed an innovative and flexible financing program. Whether you’re a new company in South and Central Florida with no credit history or a more established company going through a transition, we can help. 

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