How to Choose The Best Budget Home Printer

What you’ll choose depends on your needs and budget. Here’s a quick guide on finding the best budget home printer.

The Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing reported that 260 million men and women work from home. The demand increased when the COVID-19 crisis emerged, forcing millions of workers to report from their humble abode. Besides this, students are also forced to learn online. Hence, the need for a conducive working and learning environment increased.

Whether you’re a working-at-home mother or a student currently enrolled in an online class, one of the handiest working and schooling equipment is a printer. But among the choices in the market, which one is the best budget home printer that won’t break your bank?

If you need an affordable and reliable printer, consider RDS Team’s printers and copiers. We rounded up the affordable printers that do the job and will stay for a long time.

It’s not difficult to find a printer, but finding the best budget home printer right for you is tricky. We won’t specifically tell you which printer to buy in this article. Instead, we will explain each type of affordable printer and its features. After all, the best budget home printer is the one that fits your needs.

Let’s start!

Types of Best Budget Home Printers

  • Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers work by combining different colored inks into a page. Most inkjet printers use separate ink cartridges, which vary in every printer. The affordable one will usually have two cartridges, one for black ink and the other containing cyan, magenta, and yellow inks. At the same time, the average inkjet printer offers four separate cartridges, with each color having its own cartridge.

If you really want a budget home printer, inkjet printers offer supertank printers, which can be refilled. Brother, Canon, and Epson manufacture these printers. We recommend purchasing budget home printers from these brands if you do heavy printing.

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  1. Laser Printers

Laser printers use lasers to create static electricity, which melts the ink powder into the paper. Compared to inkjet printers, laser printers use toner cartridges, which are costly. But they last longer than liquid ink, so consider this an investment.

Laser printers are also pretty more advanced than inkjet printers. They print fast and the printed product’s quality is more accurate. These printers come in black and white and colored ink printers.

The Brother Workhorse Series is one of the best budget home laser printers, especially if you’re working from home and need to produce a massive printing job. It has a printing speed of 52 ppm, higher than any laser printer. It uses state-of-the-art printing technology to deliver a crisp and clear print quality of up to 20,000 pages. It also uses a polymerized toner, ideal for producing higher quality output. As a result, it produces a higher image resolution and accurate text.

Moreover, Brother has also taken a step to make green printing possible. With Brother Workhorse Series, you won’t need many replacements. They also used less packaging to cut off unnecessary materials that end up in landfills.

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  1. Multifunctional Printers 

You might want to think about getting a multifunctional printer (MFP printer).  MFP printers can scan existing documents and either copy or store them as files, in addition to printing from your computer. Because you can save PDFs of most of your files, these printers are great for keeping paperwork at home to a minimum.

If you plan on doing a lot of copying or scanning, a multifunctional printer like RDS Team’s MFP Printers is a good choice.

Which budget home printer should you choose?

Understanding what you want to do with the printer might help you decide whether to get a laser, an inkjet, or a multifunctional printer.  It’s a no-brainer if color isn’t significant to you. A laser printer will be affordable and faster. However, if you want to print in color, you’ll most likely need an inkjet. And if you want to get the best of both worlds, the multifunctional printer is your best option.

Where should you buy?

Inkjet, laser, and multifunctional printers from Brother, Canon, Ricoh, and other brands are available at RDS Team. You can purchase your desired printers directly from us and avail our flexible printer and copier plans. If you have checked all the specifications and come up with a decision, don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 customer support team.

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