Four Winning Tips to Grow Your Printing Business


The printing business market in the US is capped at $78.9 billion. Considering the vast size of the industry, staying ahead of the competition can be difficult. Here are four winning print sales tips from Florida’s number one print and copier company.

The printing business industry is a highly competitive market. Because if you fail to keep up with the trend, you fail to satisfy your customers’ needs. There should always be room for innovative solutions and technological advancements. Gone are the days wherein printing businesses could go on an operational day without the existence of websites or online marketing.

The sales and marketing of your printing business affect how to get printing orders. You need to understand the customers’ needs, their pain points, and how your products work as the solution. If you’re looking for print sales tips to improve your printing business, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are four techniques for your printing business that actually works:

Four techniques to improve the sales of your printing business

  1. Study the industry 

The fastest route for your printing company to fail is not understanding and studying the industry. It’s like going to a war without defense materials. You brave the storm but end up being killed just because you came unprepared.

It’s better to start off with a well-written business plan. It outlines your business goals, detailed information about your products and services, implementation of marketing and sales strategies, and financial statements. A professional business plan helps you see the big picture ahead of time.

Your printing company should have an ideal consumer that ticks all the boxes. Included in a business plan is targeting the right audience. Without knowing who to serve, you’re spending your capital on the wrong people with little to no investment in return.

Relevant to determining the correct type of audience is generating leads. Once you know your ideal customers, it’s time to reach out to them through lead generation. It can be via word-of-mouth marketing, online advertising, or other forms of marketing.

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  1. Go digital 

85% of customers look up the products online before purchasing. It’s time to take your printing business to the next level by going digital. It will instantly build your printing company’s credibility, cater to the global market, and increase your sales and revenue.

Once you have set up your domain and website, the next step is to take advantage of marketing opportunities. There are several marketing strategies that you can use to improve your printing business.

Attract visitors to your website. You may have a rock-solid website, but without the customers’ awareness, you’d never have a visitor. To do so, you need to come up with solutions to the customers’ issues.

An example would be publishing optimized blogs on your website that talks about the economic costs of print for small businesses. The topic discusses relevant and timely subject matter while targeting small businesses owners. Once they have scrolled through your blog, it’s the time when they’ll remember you and consider what you have to offer.

After the consideration, nurturing these leads come into play. The best way to maintain the leads that come and go is by forms, landing pages, and call-to-action statements. An example would be placing pop-up forms on your website that offers a freebie guide in exchange for their information.

If you’ve successfully compiled their data, you can use this to build your email list to send weekly or monthly email newsletters or send the latest updates, announcements, and promos. Once the customers’ are aware of your printing business, they’ll take you into consideration and drive purchasing power.

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  1. Offer irresistible, custom orders 

We’ve mentioned the necessity and importance of studying the printing business market and this includes how to emphasize how your products can make a difference. It can be from making their tasks easier to make their lives convenient.

Your sales and marketing strategies are closely linked to how unbeatable and exceptional your products and services are. The key to building an irresistible business offer is being clear on what you can provide, offering a great value, and delivering it at a discounted cost while still generating profit.

  1. Work with experts like us 

Increase your printing business sales by working with experts like us. Our goal is to provide you with innovative solutions that cut business costs and improve workflow efficiency from our wide range of products and services. If you need help with printing equipment and tools, we’re just one message away.

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