Why Educators Should Consider Interactive Whiteboards 


Through interactive whiteboards, students learn the best way possible. Learn why educators should switch to modern technologies like interactive whiteboards. 

We all learn in different and unique ways. As educators, we are responsible for adapting to new trends and changes that will enhance the learning experience of our students — even if it means purchasing and using modern equipment.

People do not fit in one learning category, as it comes in many forms. Interactive whiteboards solve this problem by catering to all four learning styles: visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, and reading and writing learners.

What are interactive whiteboards?

An interactive whiteboard is a smart board that comes in the form of a whiteboard. Sounds confusing? It looks like a whiteboard but can be controlled and collaborated with. It has a significant distinction from traditional whiteboards as this can only be written using a pen. However, this modern board has much more to offer.

Our interactive whiteboards have an all-in-one video and audio communications feature so educators can transform dull paper lessons into interactive and engaging learning. It comes with touchscreen annotations, video communications, and information sharing.

If a lesson needs an activity, you can also print using our interactive whiteboard. Its quality is maintained at 1200 dpi with bright colors and sharp texts using RDS Team’s copy printer. Visual learners can convey ideas clearly with a 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. The anti-glare touchscreen with LED backlighting adapts to any lighting condition.

Group works can also be more effective with these whiteboards as it provides real-time collaboration, so each class activity is updated quickly. In case a professor is absent, there are no hindrances as interactive boards offer exceptional video conferencing to communicate ideas. Educators can still conduct their classes and monitor students even outside the classroom.

Interactive whiteboards are prominently used for professional settings such as large corporations, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, legal services, and many others. However, educational institutions are also keen on riding the trend so that you may see interactive whiteboards in classrooms.

Benefits of interactive whiteboards in the classroom

  1. Implement different learning styles 

With interactive whiteboards, you can integrate all different learning styles in one class. Students are able to learn through watching, hearing, or interacting through the smart board’s touchscreen feature. This makes learning more effective, instead of using one learning style to different personas.

  1. Engage students in learning 

It is difficult to catch the attention of students. More so, maintain this attention throughout the class. With interactive learning, they are able to engage directly with the lessons through reading, writing on the screens, collaborating, and talking. The learning process is more enjoyable.

  1. Exposure to online resources 

Interactive whiteboards in the classroom use the Internet, which gives educators and students vast and great resources that can be found online. In this way, teachers can further support their lesson plans from various sources. This is also beneficial for students in research groups.

  1. Low-operating costs 

These smart whiteboards do not need additional expenses like whiteboard markers, chalk, or eraser. There is no dust, mess, or dirt that a school janitor team needs to clean up. Hence, it is a cheaper alternative to educational institutions. Because everything is done online, there is less reliance on physical resources.  Instead of wasting money on printing paper, classrooms are transitioning to a digitized learning experience, lowering costs.

If you are wondering about the setting up process, no need to worry because RDS Team’s interactive whiteboards let you get started in a snap. We have ready-to-use smart boards that do not require maintenance or IT support.

Additionally, interactive whiteboards are also advantageous to educators. After each class, teachers can quickly review students’ learning and pain points through the LED display.

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