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Manufacturers must meet supply and demand in a rapidly-changing industry. The workplace solutions from Ricoh will help turn your manufacturing company into digital factories that make smart manufacturing even smarter. Our digital transformation team will help you develop and enforce a system that facilitates sustainable growth and creativity in manufacturing while also helping to safeguard your valuable data assets.

Perceptions of both workers and consumers are rapidly shifting, a change driven by smart devices and emerging technology. Employees will easily get disengaged if they do not have workplace technology that allows them to be productive — making it harder to satisfy consumer demands for greater variety in product options and more personal customer service interactions.

Your digital transformation path should be based on providing workers with the pace and flexibility they need to keep their customers happy and help them move forward. Many emerging creations make innovation simpler for employees — allowing you to get novel goods to market sooner. If you want to outpace the competition with more creative products and superior customer experience, using digitalization to speed up internal processes and improve productivity is a requirement.

With our digital workplace solutions portfolio, Ricoh will help you manage your digital transformation journey more effectively. Our mission is to provide feedback for your team which can help align your digital transformation with your business strategy.

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Manufacturers combine consumers, business partners, digital processes, and advanced manufacturing technology in the search for change in the Industry 4.0 era, defining today’s smart factories by increasing manufacturing creativity and pace to market.

As you adapt to help meet the evolving needs of consumers, new challenges arise — including the infrastructure needed to scale up new development. This is particularly true in terms of the services you need to provide excellent service and support for your goods. We help clients develop innovative solutions that address complex challenges by leveraging our global manufacturing infrastructure. If you grow to other nations, we can help you streamline delivery networks or provide service technicians skilled in break/fix repairs.

Moreover, by bringing remote staff, manufacturing plant employees, and consumers together to exchange ideas anytime, we can help you improve interactions, preserve brand continuity, and improve collaboration. Let’s work together to maximize efficiency in your production facility and warehouse and distribution center and encourage workers to spend more time on creativity in manufacturing.

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Considering the variety of manufacturing-specific knowledge assets — including assembly line schemes, product patents, and robotic configurations — controlling when, how, and by whom this dataaccessed and exchanged is essential in helping to keep it secure. Today, jobs don’t always run on stable networks. This involves finding ways to help protect intellectual property while traveling. If your information is at rest, in transit, or in use, the management of digital rights will reduce risk by disabling specific functionality, reducing the usefulness of a document, restricting viewing to individual users, and enabling single browsing, auto-expiring files, and custom watermarks.

An effective strategy for information governance can help to provide peace of mind and trust and encourage your staff and partners to draw new insights from your production data, leading to increased innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Our digital transformation team will help you develop and enforce a system that facilitates sustainable growth and creativity in manufacturing while also helping to safeguard your valuable data assets.

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