Print is Definitely Not Dead.


In today’s digital marketing revolution, it’s common to wonder, “Is print dead?” To directly answer the question, print is definitely not dead.

It’s no doubt that digitalization is dominating the world. It has changed over the years. Many people enjoy its benefits, such as receiving calls and messages from phones, launching advertisements campaigns without ink, and marketing whether on a local or global level.

Despite the digital revolution, print is definitely not dead – and we stand by it.

Is print dead?

We’re here to put an end to the debate on whether print is dead or not.

It’s not dead and it’s here to stay.

Think about this closely: What do you see when you go to the busiest plaza in your town? Print advertisements from almost the majority of restaurants. In these prints, you’ll see their names and bestsellers. You’ll also spot on prominent billboards.

Or maybe you’re road traveling to somewhere lovely. The directions you see are part of the print industry. It tells you when to adjust your speeding levels or turn right to go to your destination.

Why the print industry is definitely not dead

  1. It’s tangible – unlike digitalization. 

Let’s admit that not every age group is comfortable going fully digital. Imagine telling your grandparents to read the latest local newspaper on their iPads? They might frown upon this idea.

Print offers an unmatchable experience that digitalization can’t. You can see the whole thing, smell the ink and paper, and bring it everywhere without worrying about internet access. It’s tangible.

  1. You can’t hit the spam button with print. 

Digital marketing may provide ease of launching marketing campaigns, but the audience can easily hit off the spam or the trash button– losing its purpose. You can’t do this with print. With printed mails, it’ll arrive at the very doorstep of the audience.

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  1. It’s effective and creative.

Print marketing can go beyond refrigerator magnets, to coffee mugs, or even a pocket calendar. The call-to-action (CTA) message effectively leads every viewer back to your business. You can’t do this by going digital unless it’s on a public post.

These printed marketing materials can also act as a travel person. Suppose you bring your coffee mug to a camping place. Everyone can see the design of your mug and its message. Talk about geotargeting, right?

Print design has a lot more room for creativity. When we fail to think and develop outside the box, we create many limits in our own imaginations. Print, like digital, allows you to create an experience for your audience.

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  1. It’s environmentally friendly. 

You may think that print produces more carbon footprint than digital. Good news! It’s otherwise. Digital, like manufactured phones and their accessories, leaves more carbon footprint than print. The latter is easier to recycle and is less toxic than digital devices.

  1. It complements digital marketing. 

Digital marketing and print shouldn’t always be debated. No single marketing channel is successful – you’ll always need to look for other ways, other methods. When we combine the benefits of both, we use the best of both worlds.

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