Product Review: Brother HL L6400DW


If you’re looking for a big-volume printer with low operating costs, the Brother HL-L6400DW is for you. The catch? It’s only $39 per month.

Brother Workhorse HL L6400DW is a monochrome laser printer designed explicitly for medium-sized working environments with high demand for printing volumes. It boasts low-cost printing with an included ultra high-yield toner cartridge. Your business can now say goodbye to outages because it possesses a fast printing speed of up to 52 ppm and 57-sheet paper capacity.

Control your printer through the adjustable color touchscreen display that enables you to print from business cloud services. Talk about convenience, right? Besides, its advanced security features provide user authentication, so rest assured that only people within your network can manage it.

It is tailored-fit to any office with options to increase capacity for up to 1,610 sheets or transform it into a floor-standing model with a tower tray option for minimal costs. Learn more about Brother HL-L6400DW review.

Brother HL L6400DW Specs

  • Design 

The overall look of printers should not be disregarded in exchange for something fast and powerful. Brother HL L6400DW understood the assignment and went beyond to achieve both — well-designed look and high performance.

The pale gray design of Brother HL L6400DW makes it easy to place at any office. It gleams when in use and blends well with the interior when at rest. It is portable and small, making it no fuss to carry when redecorating.

The printer’s controls are located on the left side, bulging slightly, so users can easily track down where to manage it. It features a touchscreen display, riding the latest printing technology. You have to fold down the front flap to load envelopes, labels, and papers. In contrast, the whole front panel caters to the toner cartridges. The connections for an Ethernet cable and USB data cable are at the back, although you might need to purchase the latter as additional.

It also managed to have an access flap at the rear part, so users can simply pull it out when there are jammed papers. However, the percentage of jammed papers is very unlikely.

  • Setting up your Brother HL L6400DW

Upon receiving your Brother HL L6400DW, it automatically comes with a quick setup guide. Initially, you have to remove all the packaging materials (We’re very keen on making your orders secure!)

The setup process is a walk-in-the-park using the touchscreen display. Keep in mind that the printer needs to be connected to WiFI.

  • Connecting your Brother HL L6400DW

This printer is well-adapted to connectivity options like Ethernet cable, WiFI, or connections via USB. It can also print using cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Printing has never been easier.

  • Security 

Brother HL L6400DW is filled with advanced security features requiring user authentication when you print. Moderators of the printer can also set limits to the printing volumes for up to 200 users or departments. In this way, no paper and ink is put to waste.

  • Performance 

One of Brother HL L6400DW specs is its ability to print quickly. Besides this, it also prints well. The graphics appear crisp, sharp, and detailed — no quality was compromised.

Tip: You can choose a higher dpi resolution during the setup process rather than settle for the default 600 x 600 dpi; it gives superior print quality.

  • Price point 

Brother HL L6400DW price range between $39 to $89 monthly. The Desktop MFP printer is the cheapest at $39 for a black and white printer with room for add-ons such as card reader holder, 50-sheet stapler finisher, and 500 sheet tray costing no more than $89.

We offer flexible printer plans for Desktop MFP printers for short-term and long-term periods.

Superb printer with low-operating costs

It’s evident that the Desktop MFP printer, Brother HL L6400DW, is leading the superiority when it comes to high-volume printing demand at low costs. Its printing speed of 52 ppm matches no other for undisrupted workflow efficiency.

Given its size, it possesses a blasting speed with a generous capacity for papers and room for expansions. It can keep up with any workload at any given time.

Shop the Brother HL L6400DW now or browse through our Desktop MFP printer selection for other models.

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