RDS TALKS 1.1 – What is RDS mission

In the RDS Talks pilot episode, CEO Gustavo Hermida sits down in a videocast with host Jack Hakimian of Global Presence Marketing and business partner and good friend Allan German. For this segment, Gustavo discussed the RDS Team and its mission.


RDS Team is an innovative company that provides new and unique solutions to increase workplace productivity, reduce costs and expenses, and improve business efficacy. The Miami-based business has been in the industry for over 20 years, beginning its initial operations as the primary source for multi-functional copiers and printers. Today, the company progressed to offering services including business solutions, IT and technological assistance, and a lot more. 

RDS Talks, a mix of both videocast and podcast, was first introduced in December 2020 on social media platforms like Youtube to become more transparent and engage with the general public. In the first episode, Gustavo and Allan discussed the company’s mission. 

“Whenever you create something, a company or business that serves others in a positive way, then you get some rewards from it,” Gustavo said. He also added that “Ultimately if we look at bringing value and also providing a work environment for all of our members, where they can become their best, we feel that we have accomplished something…” 

While for Allan, RDS is an institution that provides education and empowerment to its clients with an opportunity to understand available and existing technologies. These technologies are also a way to enhance their companies in different variations. Gustavo and Allan have worked together before for brands like Toshiba and Ricoh Corporation. 

As mentioned, RDS Team was not as prominent as it was today. Like other firms, they also had to start small. With Jack asking about their expansion, Gustavo said, “…when we started the company ten years ago, it was a different environment. But part of the value that we brought to the market precise on the good consultation on proper technology, we were bringing good advice in terms of best ways to acquire the technology. And when we talk about best ways to acquire technology, we always felt that bringing value is not just about the machine, it’s about the whole entire experience. It’s the machine, it’s the installation, it’s the support, it’s the service, it’s the being available when there is an issue. “ Gustavo ended the conversation with, “I always said to our customers and I still say it today, I would never promise anybody that there won’t be any problems. The question is: how ready and how involved are we going to be into helping resolve the problems.” 

The next episode would be RDS Team and why they are passionate about their clients. In this segment, Jack sits down with Gustavo and Allan again. If you want to tune in, you can click on this link. Sit back, listen, and enjoy a good show!

The RDS Team’s mission is to provide workspace innovations that help reduce costs and improve business efficiency. We offer products, services, and solutions to help small businesses and national enterprises leverage their information and work more quickly, intelligently, and successfully. These include Document workflow solutions. Office printing and imaging facilities. Audiovisual collaboration technologies. Production print solutions. Services for IT and technological assistance.Targeted healthcare, legal, higher education, and other industries solutions. Corporate Headquarters: 1900 NW 135th Ave. Miami, Florida 33182 | Customer Support Phone: 888-242-4242 | www.rdsteam.com.


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