RDS TALKS 2.1 – How Has COVID-19 Affected The Print & Managed IT Industry?

Almost a year after the widespread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Jack Hakimian of Global Presence Marketing sits down on a new show with RDS Team CEO Gustavo Hermida. Gustavo talks about the print and IT industries’ challenges in this pilot episode while combatting the pandemic. 

Get your headphones and tune in to the videocast. If you have not watched the first part of the show yet, hop in and binge-watch all the episodes! 

With thousands of businesses closing, how did COVID-19 affected the print and IT industries, and how were RDS Team able to surpass these difficulties? 

Gustavo personally experienced the hardships brought by COVID-19 as one of his children were infected. He was a 34-year old nurse, and given the nature of his job, he is always at risk of getting infected. His son had to spend more than a week at the hospital. Besides this, Gustavo’s brother residing in Argentina was also infected. 

Jumping on the business side, Gustavo had a clear understanding of the impact of the pandemic. This is why they always talk and reach out to customers. Having experienced the implications of the virus first-hand, they offered services that are easy to customize. In this way, customers can upsize or downgrade their subscriptions. 

Every case is unique, and it begins with communication. What we ask is, call us, tell us your situation is, let’s come up with a flexible plan, that works for the both of us…” Gustavo said. For him, it is always about relationships and how you build connections with people. 

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