RDS TALKS 2.2 – How To Get Unstuck From An Unwanted Copier or Printer Lease?

Generally, acquiring office technology involves a leasing agreement wherein a business in need of these said technologies agree on a certain date with the vendor. But sometimes, vendors take advantage of these agreements. In the second episode of RDS Talks, Gustavo discussed how to get away from an unwanted copier or printer lease. 

If you have not seen the first show, hop in on Youtube and watch all videocasts! Meanwhile, you can also tune in to the first episode for this second show. 

As per Gustavo, leasing is one of the smartest moves in terms of acquiring office technology or just technology in general. But, one must be careful in signing certain agreements. “A lot of times, people have engaged in leases and they sign a five-year term. Well, if you are gonna engage in a lease for office technology equipment, five years is an eternity because things change so much. This is where we provide what we call flexible leases. So you engage in the technology that is correct for you today but mid-term or in two years, you realize you need change or you need color or you need more scanning or whatever application, you have something flexible that is you can easily upgrade.” 

As mentioned, there are vendors that take advantage of agreements. It is often called leasing pain. “A lot of people that want to identify, “What is my current situation?They look at their bill, they call the customer service and the leasing company and the leasing company gives them very incomplete, misleading information referring to your vendor. Because all the leasing company is trying to do is create a new opportunity for the vendor to upgrade your machine and put you back into another circle of eternal leasing which is perfectly fine. But sometimes there is not a lot of clarity on the information,” Gustavo added. Although buyouts are an option. This is not advisable by many.

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