RDS TALKS 2.3 – How Important Are VoIP Phones To A Business Workspace?

In a business setting, it is significant to have a unified information system and this often comes from communication and comprehension. But what are the tools needed in order to achieve this?

In the third episode of RDS Talks, Jack Hakimian of Global Presence Marketing and RDS Team’s CEO, Gustavo Hermida, discussed the importance of their newly-launched product, the VoIP phones. 

Hop in to watch the first show if you still have not checked it out and if you missed the first two episodes for this second show, you can always tune in on Youtube! 

Recently, the RDS Team introduced the voice over IP system or VoIP phones to the general public. It is a phone system that unifies all sorts of communications for businesses through cellular phones, desktops, and laptops. It combines all data and information needed to run day-to-day administrative tasks and operations. This phone system has the option to do text messages or video calls. It can also call, transfer and forward calls from one office to another, regardless of the distance or place. 

What’s more interesting is that there is a monthly update so users can expect the application to be better and better every month. The VoIP phone system is offered for only $24.99 which can be delivered at substantial cost-savings. Although there are customizable packages if such businesses want to add other features. The RDS Team can easily modify the plan and submit an affordable amount. 

Moreover, businesses would not need to worry about the lock-in period since it is offered on a monthly basis and not for the long term. One can easily cancel the plan and pause. With RDS Team, you will not feel imprisoned. 

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