RDS TALKS 4.2 – Anthony Acevedo On Why He Started Visitingangels.com & Volunteers at Health Center for Montgomery, Alabama Citizens

In episode two of show four of the RDS Talks, CEO Gustavo Hermida continues his discussion with a good friend and business partner, Anthony Acevedo, of Visiting Angels. In today’s show, the two business leaders sit down to talk about why Anthony first started Visiting Angels for Montgomery, Alabama Citizens.

If you have not watched the previous episodes and shows, it could be accessed through RDS Team’s Youtube account called RDS Team TV. Tune in for intellectual talks with Gustavo.

Before starting Visiting Angels, Anthony and his wife had to start from scratch. Using their work experiences and knowledge in business marketing and the healthcare industry, these power couple made their way up. “For number of years, I worked as a Marketing Director for Borders, Books, and Music. I was actually in South Florida mostly in Miami. They were about 4 to 5 stores in Miami Area. The marketing and public relations book. But around 2004 Borders filed for Chapter 11. So for the first time in my adult life, I was laid off from work. My wife happened to work in the same company as a General Manager of a Coconut Grow Store but we saw that they running in a while. In fact, that she may lose her job within a year,” he told Gustavo.

What made Anthony pursue Visiting Angels is because of the book he read. The book was entitled Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyasaki. “I had read a book about Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyasaki and it talked about the difference levels of a person’s career and one of them is the lowest one being an employee and the highest one being like an investor. After reading that book and after being laid off, I realized that being a business owner is something that we wanted to go. We had some investment money and I talked to my wife and it started to look like she was going to eventually lose her job and we had look at different things including franchises. My wife’s history, her mother and her sister worked at the healthcare field. Her sister’s and her mom’s a nurse for many, many years with children in ICU. My wife also, with her mother, worked as a companion for 15 years in California area. So, when we saw things that are gonna go a little bit southwood with the corporation that we’ve worked with, I suggested that we look at owning a franchise. We looked at different things and based on her homecare experience in college and in high school, we chose Visiting Angels.” They used their investment money and took the leap of faith. Fifteen years later, they became successful.

Anthony also talked about CHI Foundation wherein he currently volunteers. As per Anthony, the foundation’s mission is similar to Visiting Angels as well as what he wants to do. Currently, CHI Foundation is on the run to launch the Children’s Crisis Center, a center that will cater to and house children with mental health illnesses.

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