RDS TALKS 4.4 – Anthony Acevedo of Visitingangels.com on Why They Chose RDS Team Printer Services

In the last episode of RDS Talks, CEO Gustavo Hermida asks one last question with Anthony Acevedo of Visiting Angels on why their business chose the RDS Team as their printing services provider. Here you will know about the reasons why they chose to go with RDS Team rather than other service providers. 

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Gustavo and Anthony met on a social connection even before their business relationship started. This is why relationships and connections are essential for Gustavo as it leads to potential businesses. When asked why Visiting Angels went and signed a contract with the RDS Team, here’s what Anthony had to say. 

We require a lot of paper, we document, so we have a lot of paper going on, a lot of copies. We’re tryna hold people away from there but it’s still part of the process. We had been through couple of printing vendors. My wife will take a look at this bill and it doesn’t look that great. On top of our minds, I’m pretty sure Gustavo does the same thing.

Before RDS Team, they were signed with a traditional agreement and contract with a big business printing services company. They felt like the cost was too high and they were bound with a long-term contract so they had to find a way out. It was a good thing that the agreement was nearing its end. “For any business owner, cost is a big pain right?” Anthony added. 

But when you share with us your current situation, I think we can help you unwind this lease, make the last payment, give him proper notification, return the equipment properly to the leasing company, and being done with a financing agreement and then in exchange, we can provide you with most current technology what we call flexible solution. Not only we will give you the right technology, the right payment, we made it to the fact that there’s gonna be flexibility. You can upgrade, downgrade, not only that, you can terminate,” Gustavo explained. Now, Visiting Angels have partnered with the RDS Team for their printing solutions with a flexible option, more freedom, and great variations of products.

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