RDS TALKS SHOW 5.2 – Health Care Workspace Innovations, Managed Copiers, And Administrative Efficiencies

For the second part of RDS Talks, CEO Gustavo Hermida talked about various topics including healthcare workspace innovations, managing copiers, and administrative efficiencies.

If you missed out on the previous episodes or have not watched a single show, you can access and rewind the videocasts on Youtube and the website. Stay tuned, hop in, and relax as you learn about RDS Team. 

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has affected everyone in the world. Besides the lives taken and the economy fluctuating down, it has put more pile of workload on healthcare workers. Now, what value is RDS Team bringing to at least help the most essential workers during these times? 

These healthcare workers, before the existence of COVID-19, are already risking their lives due to the nature of their work. Now, they are more at risk of viruses and infections. “It reminds me to talk about the stress that some of the healthcare workers are constantly put up on. We rely on them in times of emergency, at times of need, and healthcare workers go through a lot of emotional trying times, especially last year with the COVID play that has affected everybody in the world,” Gustavo started. 

RDS Team provides its services to healthcare industries. One of the things they do to make sure that no additional stress is contributed to the busy schedule of these workers is to make everything as efficient and simple as possible. “The point is, there is extra processes, extra anxiety that they need to deal with in their day-to-day work and one of the things that we always keep in mind is that we don’t need to give some additional angst when it comes to reliability with the products that they need to get their job done,” He continued. 

“So when they need to print a ticket or a doctor’s order or share some information with some of their coworkers, we need to make sure that those instances are efficiently working. It’s interesting because many times, we need to make sure that we provide efficient, cost-effective solutions. It needs to be stress-free, it needs to be something that is simple to use, something that anybody could understand, and those are the things that we bring in our consultation whether to print or scan a document, make sure that you make it in the simplest, most efficient way, for the employee to get the job done,” Gustavo ended. 

The RDS Team’s mission is to provide workspace innovations that help reduce costs and improve business efficiency. We offer products, services, and solutions to help small businesses and national enterprises leverage their information and work more quickly, intelligently, and successfully. These include Document workflow solutions. Office printing and imaging facilities. Audiovisual collaboration technologies. Production print solutions. Services for IT and technological assistance.Targeted healthcare, legal, higher education, and other industries solutions. Corporate Headquarters: 1900 NW 135th Ave. Miami, Florida 33182 | Customer Support Phone: 888-242-4242 | www.rdsteam.com.


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