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State and local governments need a way to meet their citizens where they are at. Antiquated systems and user-unfriendly online services get in the way of this. Let RDS help by updating your systems and securing your data.

Dealing with an old government system can be both frustrating and overwhelming, leaving people with a lack of faith in their government. The issue is that government customer service systems typically lack continuity at all human touchpoints in the organization. Instead of trying to build disparate programs, state and local governments are now working to have a single citizen interface that allows multiple government departments to work as one entity. Any contact with a government institution that a person has can now be stored in a single portal. Citizens are pivotal to the development of digital government solutions that need to be evaluated to ensure their efficacy.

Choose the level of service you need with our hybrid cloud technology that enables a full range of services from the “do-it-yourself” model to a full Ricoh-managed model. Our Managed Cloud Services will help you create a custom solution that uses hybrid cloud technology to address your unique requirements in a secure and flexible environment. In addition, Sitecore, a strong web content management service, provides analytics functionality that can help you create a more personalized user experience. Based on strong individual user analytics capabilities, you can serve up the right content in the right format at the right time.

In addition, a single data aggregation point from an array of data sources is generated by RDS Analytics Services. You can now concentrate on the process of identifying and assessing relevant information, aggregating the data, and using it on an ongoing basis to identify opportunities for change. After the sensitive data is found, RDS’s Digital Rights Management Services and Solutions will help protect the data. Our purpose is to keep you in control of your confidential information, securing confidential information while it is at rest, in use, and in transit.

Shared services is a business model that is customer-centric and developed to restore trust between residents and local government. Instead of owning a lot of disparaged structures, it helps city and state governments to promote the joining of various facilities and/or agencies. Shared services have the potential for quicker decision-making, more knowledge policymaking, and better alignment of resources with the missions and objectives of the agency when done correctly.

Our Cloud & IT Services provide a managed service model to help supervise and sustain cloud services, infrastructure services, data transformation services, and IT systems for companies. As a result, business resources will now have the ability to concentrate on assignments for strategic organizations. In particular, our IT Project Focused Services will assist SLG customers in organizing, scheduling, and implementing large or small IT projects so that they are completed correctly and on schedule within the budget.

With so much technology at our hands, it’s no wonder government agencies struggle to find the technology that would work best for their needs. Our Technology Support Services help the government adopt the right technologies, optimize them, and simplify employee computer management. Additionally, RICOH Service Advantage enables government organizations to leverage our extensive network of resources to deliver exceptional services to your customers without the typically required up-front capital costs.

The federal government is not exempt struggling, as companies grapple with capturing and utilizing the amount of data that exists in our digital environment. Strict regulations mandate how electronic records of federal agencies must be handled. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) serves as the record keeper of the nation where, for legal or historical purposes, such records are now preserved forever and provide safe access to vital information to constituents. It is the same knowledge in decades-old, legacy applications that would have been filed away in the past. In addition, the Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI) mandates that, in accordance with NARA regulations and guidelines, all federal agencies maintain their records.

We provide many Intelligent eDiscovery Solutions in an attempt to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). With speed and reliability, we help gather your electronically stored information. You can trust us to provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading, cloud-based technology hosted in our secured ready environment for FedRAMP.

In addition, our Information Governance Services will help you enhance information security with data protection so that when you do share information with other departments and agencies, none of it is compromised. We will help keep your valuable information assets secured and mitigate risks so that you can recover from inevitable data breaches more easily.

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State and local governments need a way to meet their citizens where they are at. Antiquated systems and user-unfriendly online services get in the way of this. Let RDS help by updating your systems and securing your data.