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Healthcare systems face continued pressure today. Vital data must be communicated and managed for use by patients and providers. The added needs of remote workers only add to the challenge. RDS TEAM in partnership with RICOH as their #1 Authorized Dealer can help address the daily challenges of inaccessible data, manual processes, and inefficiencies to positively impact patient care, health outcomes, staff satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Patient satisfaction scores and value-based care have taken center stage in determining reimbursements, making it even more critical than ever to focus on the patient experience. We help you improve the patient journey, from preregistration through discharge and continued wellness, because our solutions start with people first.

Patients shouldn’t have to struggle to get the care they need. Poor interactions diminish their experience. When providers along the continuum of care are connected and able to easily communicate, patients receive better care, in a more efficient and hassle-free manner. Improve how patients and health-care providers interact with information and each other, for more positive patient and provider experiences.

To achieve those positive experiences, the health-care team is the core of success. Empower your care team to easily work together for care collaboration. We can help you ensure accurate and timely availability of critical, secured patient information.

New ways of collaboration enable teams to interact remotely using visual communications tools such as Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD). Teams, such as primary doctors, oncologists, surgeons, radiologists and others can now meet without wasting time and money traveling to a central location. Teams see each other’s faces, share images, edit documents in real-time, discuss patient charts and collaborate just as effectively as if they were in the same room. Collaboration tools bridge the distance.

As healthcare continues its shift towards value-based care, hospitals and health systems are working to improve the quality of care while reducing costs. Striking a balance between the two is a challenge.

There’s one type of cost in particular that usurps a large portion of the budget. If managed, it could make a significant difference: administrative costs. Roughly 25% of all U.S. hospital spending consists of administrative costs. 1

However, by standardizing processes, utilizing resources efficiently and leveraging economies of scale, it is possible to help reduce administrative costs. We can help you with the reduction of duplicate testing, mistakes in documentation, missing prescription orders and lost paper faxes. Our healthcare services and solutions help to increase administrative efficiencies, reduce human error and improve operating margins.

Optimize resource and capacity utilization issues by working smarter, not harder. For example, rooms of file storage can be scanned and transformed into digital information and the space can be used as a patient room or to house an MRI machine that creates a new revenue-generating practice. By optimizing the utilization of both clinical and administrative resources, we can help you find ways to deliver high quality care while being cost-conscious.

You can also free your departmental resources to focus on their primary mission, using shared management services, like our Integrated Services Center. Ancillary yet critical functions like claims processing, forms management, AP/AR, mailroom services, scanning solutions and more can be managed by us, saving time, resources and costs. Create economies of scale, be nimble so you can adjust to changing environments and have more time to focus on patient care.

Healthcare systems need a scalable infrastructure that can handle increased bandwidth, storage, and other performance capacities while at the same time protecting patient information against breaches. With IT Management & Cloud Services, we can build a solution that meets your needs. Your IT team remains business-focused, while care teams and patients have secured access to information, when they need it, driving clinical and operational efficiencies as well as patient satisfaction. Our custom security and governance solutions identify areas that could be susceptible to data breaches and address them before they become real problems.

Healthcare systems also struggle with how to connect disparate healthcare entities after mergers and acquisitions. Instead of your internal staff taking time out for integration challenges, we help ensure a smoother integration and consolidation, from workflow standardization to brand management. A few of our areas of specialization include driving major change initiatives, integrating systems, standardizing processes, reducing redundancies in data, communicating with patients and care teams, creating a unified user experience, establishing shared services and centers of excellence, delivering strategic transformation services and establishing governance policies across the newly expanded healthcare system.

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