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As the need for teachers and resources is rising, school districts need solutions that can benefit students, parents, and faculty alike. Technology provides a window into the digital world that students live in, enabling far-reaching communication and meeting students where they are at. RDS can help the school system maximize student outcomes, strengthen teamwork in the classroom, and facilitate improved communication between parents and teachers.

When the IT department is responsible for maintaining the local infrastructure in the area, there are fewer IT resources available to achieve other critical goals. Owing to the high costs of leasing and powering servers, maintaining a local system also limits IT’s budget for creative educational programs. With all this on the plate of IT, a step into the cloud can look like another burdensome mission.

Fortunately, we can tailor a Managed Cloud Services solution to the unique needs of your district, helping to make the transition easier for onboard IT workers. Our cloud technologies are extremely reliable and come with a low-cost, pay-as-you-go system to simplify scaling up to accommodate the new growth of your district. We also offer Data Center Services that help to lighten IT’s load and provide enhanced data security and technical support when and where you need it.

You may find you have enough IT resources available to get started on strategic learning initiatives immediately after lessening  IT’s responsibility for local infrastructure management. With our IT Project Support and IT Planning and Consulting services, we can help at every level, from implementing one-to-one computing in every classroom to implementing more comprehensive learning management systems.

As today’s tech-savvy students become increasingly accustomed to interacting on shared platforms such as social media and online communities, the conventional style of lecturing and note-taking is phasing out. Teachers need classroom technology to engage students today which helps them to attract student attention with a variety of teaching styles.

Our consulting team can help develop, incorporate, and implement classroom technology that enables teachers and students to exchange ideas more effectively.  Audio-visual solutions allow teachers to introduce remote speakers to interactive whiteboards through video, also known as interactive flat panel displays (IFPD). This enables students to interact directly with the ChromebooksTM display and other one-to-one computing devices. Our collaborative solutions can also help with distance learning, providing teachers in remote areas with video access, and linking your students to students in other countries.

Through our Controlled Cloud Services, the district can also improve accessibility in and out of the classroom, allowing teachers and students to connect to learning platforms and run apps such as Microsoft ® Office 365, enabling students and teachers to access a range of documents, images, and reading material, anytime, anywhere.

It is important that administrators have easy access to the information they need so that student outcomes can be prioritized and met. Our Enterprise Content Management and Workflow Systems enable school personnel to store, view, exchange, and handle information easily, either on-site or in the cloud, helping to streamline processes such as onboarding and certification of teachers, strengthen special education initiatives, expand insight into cost accounting, and improve the management of student records.

You gain greater control over the significant data of your district and make it easier to handle by centralizing content across your district and automating processes around accessing and exchanging that information. This allows you to monitor sensitive data transparency and simplify compliance procedures. When the necessary protection measures are in place, digital information that is stored in a central repository is often easier to secure. Our Cyber Security Services and Information Governance resolve internal and external threats and provide a constructive approach to the classification and risk detection of information assets.

Now you can optimize procedures, help protect confidential data, and reduce administration costs with immediate access to critical information and greater control of the data — helping teachers, administrators, and parents boost student outcomes in the school district.

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RDS can help the school system maximize student outcomes, strengthen teamwork in the classroom, and facilitate improved communication between parents and teachers.