The Secret to Productive Work? Happiness

Employee satisfaction is one of the most crucial elements in running a successful, profitable business. Employees that are content and engaged are likely to take fewer sick days, perform better, and encourage business innovation. Their turnover is significantly reduced, and corporate profits are much higher when workers are content, devoted, and engaged.

However, work productivity declines, attrition increases, and the business loses when staff members are depressed and uninspired. Studies show that it can cost up to 33% of an employee’s annual compensation to replace them. Unhappy workers actually cost American businesses up to $550 billion annually.

In the current economic climate, it might be challenging to determine just how to keep staff satisfied. Additionally, outside circumstances that are frequently beyond your control might affect employee contentment.

So how can you create a staff that is content and effective? A productive work? Why does it matter, too? Keep reading.

3 Secrets For A Happy, Productive Work

Creating a happy workplace is not rocket science, but it takes effort. By following these three secrets, you can create an environment where your employees feel appreciated and supported.

1. Employee Engagement = Productive Work

Employee engagement is defined as the willingness of employees to go above and beyond the call of duty to advance the company’s objectives. It is directly tied to output, and studies have shown that highly engaged workers are 87% less likely to leave their jobs than lowly engaged workers.

After extensive research, Deloitte has determined five key indicators distinguish between productive work and one that is not. Employees are drawn to a company for a variety of reasons, including the possibility for growth, supportive management, a productive work environment, and meaningful employment.

It is obvious that managers play a key role in creating a productive work environment. For instance, managers can and ought to provide workers with a feeling of direction. They can also decide whether to promote a flexible work environment or a humanistic approach to business.

2. Talent Retention

Talented personnel are more effective and frequently outperform the rest of the workforce. Though, they are not generally the most ardent or devoted. In contrast, according to a study by Harvard Business Review, “12% of all the high potentials in the studied companies claimed they were actively hunting for a new position.”

High-potential personnel must be retained; therefore, managers have the authority and obligation to design programs and take appropriate action. At first look, one could assume that talented workers need excellent rewards, such as a greater income or additional benefits, in order to be happy in their positions.

Instead, according to McKinsey, talented people want three things in particular: outstanding leaders who will empower them, a firm with a strong culture, and a job that makes a difference. Then, in order to keep high-potential personnel, it is essential to work on improving the three areas described above rather than making unrealistic promises.

3. Change Management

An essential part of managing employees through a successful transition is the responsibility of managers and executives. To lead changes without frightening employees, it is crucial to identify goals, hire people skilled at leading transitions, and communicate properly. Most people are quite hesitant to change.

However, changes are unavoidable, particularly in the quick-paced world of today. Improvements should not be viewed negatively but as an opportunity to introduce beneficial changes in productive work.

For instance, COVID-19 has demonstrated that changing how we work without sacrificing productivity is achievable. Companies are already experimenting with various smart-working strategies that can mix the advantages of working remotely with the advantages of an office setting. A successful transition to the “new normal” requires adaptability, new technology tools, and virtual spaces for idea sharing.

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