What are Copiers and How do They Work for Palm Springs North, Florida Citizens?


Having equipment for your office is an investment on your part. Copiers, for example, are an integral part of any business. But when one breaks down, it will not only cost your wallet a lot of money but will also bug you out, “what is wrong with this?”

Copiers are large equipment used to copy any printable document for Palm Springs North, Florida Citizens. Copiers also work as printers and scanners, especially those labeled as MFP, which stands for Multi-Function Printer. Copiers can directly copy your form with its scanning tray. It can also print documents from your computer – that’s it. But aside from those, most people don’t know any additional information about copiers. How do they work, how to maintain one, or how much does it cost to buy or rent one.

That’s acceptable on the part of the end-user. After all, we buy office equipment because of its functionality; other than that, we don’t care anymore! It’s all fun until one breaks down and your technician friend tells you to buy these parts or look for this and attach this to that. All the technical jargon will drive you crazy.

So, to make things simpler, here is a quick rundown on how copier machines work.


Most copier machines can occupy 500 sheets of paper on its tray. The paper tray can be found in the bottom part of your copier. Some copier machines have a minimum of three compartments, each allotted for different sizes of your paper. They can support multiple sizes depending on the type of output you want to produce. When putting your stack of paper, make sure that they are perfectly aligned, or else your copier won’t function properly.


Copiers are distinct from printers because of their scanners. The scanner is located on the top part of the copier and easily distinguishable because it has a glass screen called slit glass, which emits a linear ray of light when scanning a document. Be careful not to make a scratch on your slit glass since these might cause your copier to malfunction. But if the gash is not that deep, a pencil eraser or a non-gel toothpaste may do the work. Nonetheless, be careful. Also, make sure to clean your scanner more often with a soft cloth and a glass cleaner.


The toner is the powder used to make all these work. The toner is a negatively charged powder that will be attracted to anything positive; in this case, it’s the paper. The laser in your copier will make the white areas of your document negative, which will leave all those in print to be positive. The toner then will be attracted to the scanned image in your copier.


Now that your image is scanned with all that science stuff, it is time to do another science thing. Since your powdered toner is attracted to the scanned image inside your copier, it is time to print. Series of paper will be fired for the printing process, and quite literally, it uses heat to work. The toner in the scanned image will be transferred to the paper and be bonded using heat and pressure rollers. That’s why your copied documents are often warm when freshly produced.

Now you know how copiers work, it wouldn’t be much of a problem if your machine broke down. Nonetheless, let the experts handle it.
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