What are Desktop and Workgroup Copier and When to Use Each for Medley, Florida Citizens?


There’s always a bigger fish. And in workplaces, there’s always a bigger copier!

Copiers have been a significant piece of equipment in every workplace on earth. Having large copiers in your workplace gives a sense of entitlement that your business is big and successful. Sorry to burst your bubble but, if you think your office’s copier is the biggest you’ve seen, you haven’t seen other types of copiers yet for Medley, Florida Citizens.

Copier’s massive size has a purpose. The basic rule of thumb is: the more significant the copier is, the bigger the workload it can support and the more outputs it can produce. So, we can agree that the bigger the copier, the bigger the business!

Copiers are machines that copy and print documents. Some copiers, specifically multi-purpose printers, also serve as printers and scanners. Most copier machines produce outputs in grayscale, while some models now provide colored results. What makes copiers in demand is their fast production process. In a matter of seconds, your single copy of a memorandum can now have hundreds of documents!

This sole reason alone makes copiers a must-have for any business, especially those that require a process-centered approach with several employees. Now, there are dozens of types of copiers that can cater to every business’s needs.

Two major types of copiers that you usually see on business establishments are workgroup and desktop copiers. What are the differences, and when should each be used?

Workgroup copiers

Workgroup copiers are the most common type of copiers. These machines are large and are usually 3 to 4ft tall and occupy 3 square feet of your workplace – which is pretty big of equipment! They are used by businesses that require hundreds or thousands of paperwork. Since they are prominent by size, you can already assume that their capacity is also significant. Some workgroup copier machines can occupy 500 sheets of paper on its tray. Due to this, workgroup copier machines are much more efficient for bulk workloads and continual processes without costing you a lot of money.

Desktop Copiers

Desktop copiers are the smallest among the two. But don’t get fooled by the word “small” because generally, desktop carriers are still big! The name itself is self-explanatory since compared to general workgroup copiers, desktop copiers are significantly smaller, which makes them fit to be placed on desks. This reduces space consumption for your workspace, especially if your workloads are manageable by small teams. It cuts costs for your business while keeping the efficiency of your team to maintain excellent productivity.

While these two work the same, the main difference is the number of loads they can take. This factor alone gives you the criteria on which to choose depending on the scale of your business. Nonetheless, both give you the same result and are a must-have for someone’s business.

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