What Does A Multifunction Printer Do?

It may be tough to keep track of all the different types of printers accessible to a company. As a multifunction printer dealer, our goal is to make the purchasing process as simple as possible. Continue reading to learn more about multifunction printers (MFPs).


MFPs can now do a lot more than just copy and print documents. In the same way that a computer can scan, email, and fax, a genuine multifunction printer can also browse the internet and print directly from the display panel. Stapling, folding, booklet creation, and hole punching are all common finishing options on multifunction printers.

What is A Multifunction Printer?

A multifunction printer is a piece of office equipment that primarily copies and prints documents. MFPs have been called photocopiers, copiers, Xerox machines, and a variety of other names over the years. They are a popular choice among firms looking to consolidate assets, cut costs, and enhance efficiency.

Benefits of A Multifunction Printer

  • Energy saving 

One important benefit of choosing an MFP is that many of them use electricity effectively. When they are not in use, they go into energy-saving mode.

  • Space efficient 

One multifunction printer may replace three or four standard printers in an office. These printers are so rapid and efficient that they may be used by several teams and departments.

  • Workplace productivity

Having a single printer that can print, scan, copy, and fax simplifies corporate processes, especially when multifunction printers can do all of these print jobs quickly.

Projects may be finished faster thanks to finishing options like stapling and folding, which eliminate the need for manual finishing or waiting for an external printing business to finish the task.

Businesses might also benefit from multifunction printers since they enable remote printing. Print jobs may be accomplished quickly and easily using a wireless or mobile device.

  • Cost-saving 

Multifunction printers may help your business save money in several ways.

Their energy efficiency benefits the environment while also lowering your business’s monthly electricity cost. Furthermore, because MFPs may replace several printers in the company, they require less total maintenance, lowering service expenses. They also make digitizing documents easier, thereby saving you money on future print tasks.

Considerations When Buying Multifunction Printers

Know your needs

Determine what you and your end customers require from the multifunction printer. How do you want to utilize the multifunction printer beyond printing and copying to help manage documents, save paper, improve workflow, scan to the cloud, work remotely, and so on? Each day, how many copies, print, fax, scan, and email jobs will you complete? How many people will be using the device? Will you require color capability? Wireless? Are you mobile and cloud-enabled? There are several requirements to think about.

Ease of use

Consider purchasing a wireless, or WiFi, multifunction printer if your workforce wants to print from many, scattered devices to one conveniently accessible location. WiFi-ready multifunction printers connect to a network without the requirement for a hardwired or cabled connection. This allows for convenient mobile printing without having to deal with unattractive cables.

Find an easy-to-use multifunction printer to avoid bottlenecks and costly staff downtime. Look for simple user interfaces, low training needs, and online support and documentation that is easily available. If you do require assistance, make sure the product is covered by manufacturer-provided service and support.

Multifunction features 

Look for a multifunction printer that can do what it says it can. Is it possible for users to access each function they require, even if others are currently in use? Be aware that some devices, such as All-in-Ones (AiOs), combine numerous functionalities into one device, yet they may not be able to multitask at the same time. You may face downtime due to bottlenecks if they are unable to offer all of the features of a multifunction printer at the same time.

Management support

Take into account the vendor’s dedication to delivering sophisticated device and fleet management tools and utilities. This is something you could desire right now or later. Look for device relationship management software that maximizes the availability and uptime of the multifunction printer. Does the vendor have a fast response time and a consistent level of service? To maintain an effective and productive office, you need to know that your multifunction printer will stay up and running.


Multifunction printers, if left unattended, can become susceptible entry points for data breaches or malicious attacks. Choosing MFPs that surpass industry requirements for intrusion prevention, device detection, and data encryption is the best approach to keeping your data safe.


You’ll be ready to make the best option for your company once you’ve acquired the information you need by asking these questions.

Multifunction printers may help you eliminate duplication and time-consuming document procedures while also allowing you to manage, modify, and preserve your paper documents electronically. With an MFP and a simple software program, you may scan paper documents and transfer them to various destinations with a single scan, including email, document repositories, network folders, and even distant printers.

As a multifunction printer dealer, we understand that our business may be complicated at times, and the number of alternatives available can be overwhelming. We hope this blog helped you understand our industry a bit better!

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