What is a Cloud, and Why Should You Use It for Westview, Florida Citizens?



Working on a business that has regular workloads will take up time, effort, and monetary resources. Not to mention all your equipment and office must-haves that take up space in your area. That’s why storage management is a thing. However, even storage takes up enormous space for Westview, Florida Citizens.

Important files are stored in one or two large drawers and cabinets. Not to mention all the residual paperwork that is piled up on random shelves and tables. Thanks to hard drives and flash drives, all this work can now be stored in the palm of your hand.

However, even these innovative solutions can be compromised. Luckily, technology never stops solving countless problems.

Meet Cloud.

Cloud storage is a form of digital storage that uses the power of the internet to store. Instead of using physical gadgets like hard drives and flash drives, Cloud storage users upload all their files on the internet platform. This form of storage is called a “Cloud” since you can’t touch the storage device, yet you can see your files safely stored and is manageable in a single touch – like a real cloud! There are different Cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive, etc. Each has various perks and features, and most require payment to avail additional storage and features.

If you are hesitant to try Cloud, here are three significant reasons why you should use Cloud Services for your business.

Backup Storage

Accidents while working can happen. And this might be one of the reasons why Cloud came into existence. Work can be compromised when you are working on a document, and you haven’t saved it, and an unexpected power outage comes. All that you have worked on with that document will be gone. The same tragedy can happen when your devices crash and all your information now cease to exist. With Cloud, all your files will have a safe backup in case such events occur.

Real-Time Collaboration

This can be seen in Google Drive and is pretty much very applicable for collaborative works. Cloud Services like Google Drive don’t require you to save your work now and then since every time a new input is made; it is directly saved to the Cloud. With this, two or more people can view, comment, and edit a single document simultaneously, and all changes will be saved instantly to cloud storage. It is helpful when a worker is out of the office, and the deliverables are needed immediately. With this, anyone who has access to the Cloud can edit, and the original owner can see and edit the changes made even when he is on the road.


Admit it; storage devices are expensive. Yes, they contain enormous amounts of storage. Still, they are pretty much expensive. But, Cloud Services gives you the same function in a cheaper way. Most cloud storage offers free gigabytes on your free subscription and will only require you to buy more storage if you want to. Even a 2GB worth of storage will save you a couple of dollars for a flash drive. Plus, they are protected on the internet and are safe from being compromised by getting stolen, lost, or damaged.

Are you now thinking about integrating Cloud Services into your business? We have them here!

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