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Improve Copier Performance

3 Simple Ways to Improve Copier Performance

Are your copiers plagued by frequent downtimes and expensive repair costs? Here are three ways to begin correcting the problem.

1. Basic Cleaning

Extensive cleaning should be left to your equipment provider, but you can and should perform some basic cleaning tasks as a part of your office routine.

• Wipe your copiers down with a clean, dry cloth that's free of lint. Wipe paper lint from the exit and bypass trays, always moving away from the device's entry paths.

• Use the cleaning cloth that came with your copiers to wipe dirt and smudges from the glass scanning bed. If no cloth is available, choose a material designed for cleaning glass. If necessary, use a glass cleaning product but apply it to the cloth, not directly on your device.

2. Clear Paper Jams

Copiers come with detailed instructions for clearing paper jams. Refer to the instruction manual, an online reference, or the touchscreen interface and follow the directions carefully. Care must be taken to avoid tearing the paper and leaving small pieces of paper behind. If a paper jam has you stumped, call your service technician for assistance to avoid causing damage to your equipment.

3. Proactive Maintenance

Your copiers will perform better and last longer with a proactive maintenance plan. If your current agreement doesn't include regular maintenance, your equipment provider can provide you with options to care for your copiers.

A popular choice among business leaders is managed print services. Under a managed print contract, your printers and copiers will receive regular maintenance, and software that alerts technicians about potential problems can help you avoid costly downtime. Managed print experts will also provide solutions to reduce printing costs and improve workflows.

Are your copiers performing reliably? Get in touch with the RDS Team to help keep them running smoothly today.