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Commercial Print Industry

With services and technologies that can help you grow profitably, we can help you evolve with fresh deals, perform efficiently, and plan for the future. We offer a variety of services and solutions such as:

1.Augmented reality print
2.Color management
3.Digital book manufacturing and books on demand
4.Marketing solutions
5.Print workflow automation
6.Web to print solutions

Energy and Utilities Industry

Energy and utility companies must manage a plethora of information to keep up with an ever-changing world. The RDS Team, partnered with Ricoh, can help energy companies manage safety, information, and communication so that they can focus on the ever-growing energy industry.

Safety is of high importance for any energy firm. How do you improve your approach to public safety? This can be difficult when you are faced with improving emergency procedures, strengthening documentation, and improving audit preparedness and performance compliance.

RDS provides a number of strategies to overcome these issues by optimizing the way you handle these processes.

Our experts help to assess and develop how you collect and interpret data in its many forms — from digitizing, indexing, storing, and retrieving conventional content to aggregating and analyzing information gathered in the field via sensors and mobile technology. We can help find ways to enhance how you treat various systems of enterprise content management and connect unstructured documents with standardized regulatory and operational data. And we will direct you in implementing the strategies needed to resolve the preservation of your data, essential to reducing risk and achieving objectives of safety and compliance.

RDS provides ideas for improving how you handle your print environment with greater productivity and lower costs. We also provide Business Process Outsourcing services that allow you to shift work so that you can give more resources to the challenges of safety and compliance.

It is the responsibility of energy and utility companies to properly maintain and preserve records and documents. These documents include regulatory filings, tariff cases, and rulings, as well as licenses, certifications, and inspection forms. If you dispose of those documents too quickly, you face regulatory penalties and fines. But if you keep them for too long, you extend legal obligation in the case of adverse proceedings or a compliance examination. In the meantime, decentralized and hard to access information leads to many missed opportunities.

Digitizing systems and information can help prevent these missed opportunities. Work with experts from RDS to identify process redesign opportunities, integrate with line-of-business apps, and create connections between legacy processes and data silos. Solutions and services for Enterprise Content Management Workflow include unified and automated tools to collect, distribute, and retain a variety of documents.

See RDS’s Enterprise Content Management Workflow Services, Managed Print Services , Enterprise Support Services, Information Governance Cyber Security, and Business Process Outsourcing Services for a jump-start in digitizing business processes. These services give you rapid access to the digital infrastructure investments Ricoh has made to support customers like you.

Customers of energy and utility services include the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Although the needs of those divisions can differ, one thing is consistent: you want to offer a fantastic customer experience. This includes clear and personalized contact, education on safety measures, programs for sustainability and conservation of energy, and consistency in all modes of communication.

It can be difficult to offer that kind of client experience and develop customer loyalty, particularly when dealing with disjunct business processes, the information in various formats, or limited in-house resources.

RDS can help.

Our experts will provide the appropriate resources and support and work with you to determine where customer communications need to be improved, what solutions need to be generated. Whether digital or hard-copy, we help you create, execute, and distribute efficient customized campaign messaging via Customer Relations Management Mail. We also work to improve the appearance and clarity of bills for retail energy customers. Our Enterprise Content Management Workflow Services allow you to streamline customer interactions with back-end systems and data.

Financial Services Industry

Financial institutions want nothing but the best for their customers. However, they constantly face threats to efficiency and security, spreading their services thin. Let the RDS Team help you mitigate risk and focus on your priorities as a financial services company.

The consumer experience of a financial services company is the sum of several components: fast and simple online banking, accurate and accessible information, customer service, knowledge of alternative financial products, and ability to seek solutions. Delivering an excellent customer experience depends on your ability to coordinate a variety of business processes, including the details and records that fuel them.

RDS can help through our Digitization and Data Processing Services that assist in getting paper records into workflows crucial to customer experience. Streamline the way you serve by using RDS’s Customer Interactions Management Mail Systems, Document Composition as a Service, and marketing solutions to connect with customers. To improve how you create, distribute, and process bills, and produce electronic and paper statements for your clients, use our Electronic Bill Presentation, Payment Accessibility capabilities.

Financial services companies have a number of priorities such as: implementing data and analytics, simplifying and optimizing fleets of production machines, and improving the efficiency and productivity of the help desk.

RDS allows companies in financial services to tackle these priorities. We can help build access to technology and data with enhanced protection at any time, anywhere via Enterprise Content Management Services. We also help you handle the forms that fuel your workflows and other documents.

Without sacrificing quality or reliability, our industry-leading Managed Print Services experience will help reduce the cost and complexity of your production fleet. Additionally, our business process outsourcing services help ease the burden of lease administration, loan servicing, claims to process, and other back-office processes.

For any financial services organizations, risk reduction is a top priority. Risk appears in various forms: rapidly-changing threats to data protection, strict data-storage and retention criteria, and continued pressure to manage risks when cutting expenses.

Risk mitigation begins with gaining information. You have the power to position your company for improved audit results, greater success in preventing and thwarting cyber attacks, and a more decisive litigation response by gaining comprehensive insights into your actual information climate.

RDS provides customer consulting services in addition to industry-leading eDiscovery Services for the automation of data processing and interpretation. Our File Analysis Services help you control your information repositories thwarting potential threats before they turn into expensive issues for your financial institution.

RDS assists in keeping some of your non-financial assets safe as well. Our skills in Digital Rights Management help you protect your intellectual property, while our Cyber Protection Services will direct you to analyze and fix your system and data security vulnerabilities.

Higher Education Industry

How do you create an atmosphere catered to your tech-savvy students? The college experience is one that requires fast and efficient technology to cater to student needs. RDS can help create an interactive, accessible, and efficient work environment at the university level.

IT department is responsible for maintaining the local infrastructure in the area, there are fewer IT resources available to achieve other critical goals. Owing to the high costs of leasing and powering servers, maintaining a local system also limits IT’s budget for creative educational programs. With all this on the plate of IT, a step into the cloud can look like another burdensome mission.

Fortunately, we can tailor a Managed Cloud Services solution to the unique needs of your district, helping to make the transition easier for onboard IT workers. Our cloud technologies are extremely reliable and come with a low-cost, pay-as-you-go system to simplify scaling up to accommodate the new growth of your district. We also offer Data Center Services that help to lighten IT’s load and provide enhanced data security and technical support when and where you need it.

You may find you have enough IT resources available to get started on strategic learning initiatives immediately after lessening IT’s responsibility for local infrastructure management. With our IT Project Support and IT Planning and Consulting services, we can help at every level, from implementing one-to-one computing in every classroom to implementing more comprehensive learning management systems.

As today’s tech-savvy students become increasingly accustomed to interacting on shared platforms such as social media and online communities, the conventional style of lecturing and note-taking is phasing out. Teachers need classroom technology to engage students today which helps them to attract student attention with a variety of teaching styles.

Our consulting team can help develop, incorporate, and implement classroom technology that enables teachers and students to exchange ideas more effectively. Audio-visual solutions allow teachers to introduce remote speakers to interactive whiteboards through video, also known as interactive flat panel displays (IFPD). This enables students to interact directly with the ChromebooksTM display and other one-to-one computing devices. Our collaborative solutions can also help with distance learning, providing teachers in remote areas with video access, and linking your students to students in other countries.

Through our Controlled Cloud Services , the district can also improve accessibility in and out of the classroom, allowing teachers and students to connect to learning platforms and run apps such as Microsoft ® Office 365, enabling students and teachers to access a range of documents, images, and reading material, anytime, anywhere.

It is important that administrators have easy access to the information they need so that student outcomes can be prioritized and met. Our Enterprise Content Management and Workflow Systems enable school personnel to store, view, exchange, and handle information easily, either on-site or in the cloud, helping to streamline processes such as onboarding and certification of teachers, strengthen special education initiatives, expand insight into cost accounting, and improve the management of student records.

You gain greater control over the significant data of your district and make it easier to handle by centralizing content across your district and automating processes around accessing and exchanging that information. This allows you to monitor sensitive data transparency and simplify compliance procedures. When the necessary protection measures are in place, digital information that is stored in a central repository is often easier to secure. Our Cyber Security Services and Information Governance resolve internal and external threats and provide a constructive approach to the classification and risk detection of information assets.

Now you can optimize procedures, help protect confidential data, and reduce administration costs with immediate access to critical information and greater control of the data — helping teachers, administrators, and parents boost student outcomes in the school district.

Government (Federal) Industry

The Federal Government is not exempt from the complications that arise from a data-driven world. The RDS Team has innovative solutions that comply with federal regulations and maintain federal security.

Government entities fall under varying degrees of sophistication of digital governance. The more advanced organizations seem to provide greater data access to serve the public and service members more effectively. Access to structured data offers opportunities through the implementation of end-to-end digital services that cut through agency data silos to enhance citizens’ experience. For this reason, every federal agency is making efforts to modernize it’s IT infrastructure and support systems. For instance, government departments and their workers can now be digitally connected to resources such as education programs or to local suppliers, companies, and prospective employees. Agencies should also consistently ensure that all citizens’ information and staff records are safe, organized, and accessible.

RDS can help, using our Advanced Document Capture Services to transform your files, converting unstructured digital documents, and scan paper files into usable electronic information. Best of all, our solution for document capture is customized to suit your needs. You can store data in the cloud, on your network, or use a hybrid approach. Similarly, to turn essential forms such as paper, PDF files, and photographs into editable and searchable electronic forms (e-forms), our Forms Management Services use strong optical character recognition technology to make this happen.

Congress passed the Federal IT Acquiring Reform Act, or FITARA, in December 2014. This law requires federal agencies to provide quarterly progress reports on the strategies of the departments to merge and optimize data centers, including the anticipated cost savings. Federal agencies receive a scorecard on their success every quarter, which determines the amount of financing they receive. Because of this, it is more critical than ever to have a clear data plan in place for agencies.

Almost all data begins as unstructured information. Applying a successful data policy effectively results in better decision-making for the Federal Government. Let us help you organize your data and optimize it by cleaning up, transferring, and tracking your data on an ongoing basis, beginning with data discovery, review, and aggregation.

Our Managed Print Services will allow you to make the most of your results. Our team will work closely with you to build a plan that starts from evaluating your technology and information management capabilities to monitoring usage and using useful metrics. Likewise, our Records Management Services will make valuable electronic records from your pertinent business records such as emails, PDFs, paper, forms, word documents and more.

Finally, our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services will lighten the load of the digital data that has accumulated in your agency and give you the structure and process control to move it between different formats and into the hands of people who use it. Data cleansing, data classification, and data migration are provided by our ECM services, making it easier to find what you need when you need it.

The federal government is not exempt struggling, as companies grapple with capturing and utilizing the amount of data that exists in our digital environment. Strict regulations mandate how electronic records of federal agencies must be handled. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) serves as the record keeper of the nation where, for legal or historical purposes, such records are now preserved forever and provide safe access to vital information to constituents. It is the same knowledge in decades-old, legacy applications that would have been filed away in the past. In addition, the Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI) mandates that, in accordance with NARA regulations and guidelines, all federal agencies maintain their records.

We provide many Intelligent eDiscovery Solutions in an attempt to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). With speed and reliability, we help gather your electronically stored information. You can trust us to provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading, cloud-based technology hosted in our secured ready environment for FedRAMP.

In addition, our Information Governance Services will help you enhance information security with data protection so that when you do share information with other departments and agencies, none of it is compromised. We will help keep your valuable information assets secured and mitigate risks so that you can recover from inevitable data breaches more easily.

Healthcare Solutions Industry

Healthcare systems face continued pressure today. Vital data must be communicated and managed for use by patients and providers. The added needs of remote workers only add to the challenge. RDS TEAM in partnership with RICOH as their #1 Authorized Dealer can help address the daily challenges of inaccessible data, manual processes, and inefficiencies to positively impact patient care, health outcomes, staff satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Patient satisfaction scores and value-based care have taken center stage in determining reimbursements, making it even more critical than ever to focus on the patient experience. We help you improve the patient journey, from preregistration through discharge and continued wellness, because our solutions start with people first.

Patients shouldn’t have to struggle to get the care they need. Poor interactions diminish their experience. When providers along the continuum of care are connected and able to easily communicate, patients receive better care, in a more efficient and hassle-free manner. Improve how patients and health-care providers interact with information and each other, for more positive patient and provider experiences .

To achieve those positive experiences, the health-care team is the core of success. Empower your care team to easily work together for care collaboration . We can help you ensure accurate and timely availability of critical, secured patient information.

New ways of collaboration enable teams to interact remotely using visual communications tools such as Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD). Teams, such as primary doctors, oncologists, surgeons, radiologists and others can now meet without wasting time and money traveling to a central location. Teams see each other’s faces, share images, edit documents in real-time, discuss patient charts and collaborate just as effectively as if they were in the same room. Collaboration tools bridge the distance.

As healthcare continues its shift towards value-based care, hospitals and health systems are working to improve the quality of care while reducing costs . Striking a balance between the two is a challenge.

There’s one type of cost in particular that usurps a large portion of the budget. If managed, it could make a significant difference: administrative costs. Roughly 25% of all U.S. hospital spending consists of administrative costs. 1

However, by standardizing processes, utilizing resources efficiently and leveraging economies of scale, it is possible to help reduce administrative costs. We can help you with the reduction of duplicate testing, mistakes in documentation, missing prescription orders and lost paper faxes. Our healthcare services and solutions help to increase administrative efficiencies, reduce human error and improve operating margins.

Optimize resource and capacity utilization issues by working smarter, not harder. For example, rooms of file storage can be scanned and transformed into digital information and the space can be used as a patient room or to house an MRI machine that creates a new revenue-generating practice. By optimizing the utilization of both clinical and administrative resources, we can help you find ways to deliver high quality care while being cost-conscious.

You can also free your departmental resources to focus on their primary mission, using shared management services , like our Integrated Services Center. Ancillary yet critical functions like claims processing, forms management, AP/AR, mailroom services, scanning solutions and more can be managed by us, saving time, resources and costs. Create economies of scale, be nimble so you can adjust to changing environments and have more time to focus on patient care.

Healthcare systems need a scalable infrastructure that can handle increased bandwidth, storage, and other performance capacities while at the same time protecting patient information against breaches. With IT Management Cloud Services , we can build a solution that meets your needs. Your IT team remains business-focused, while care teams and patients have secured access to information, when they need it, driving clinical and operational efficiencies as well as patient satisfaction. Our custom security and governance solutions identify areas that could be susceptible to data breaches and address them before they become real problems.

Healthcare systems also struggle with how to connect disparate healthcare entities after mergers and acquisitions . Instead of your internal staff taking time out for integration challenges, we help ensure a smoother integration and consolidation, from workflow standardization to brand management. A few of our areas of specialization include driving major change initiatives, integrating systems, standardizing processes, reducing redundancies in data, communicating with patients and care teams, creating a unified user experience, establishing shared services and centers of excellence, delivering strategic transformation services and establishing governance policies across the newly expanded healthcare system.

Insurance (Healthcare) Industry

Health insurance can be tricky, especially when companies struggle to create good member relationships. Companies desire concise data and members desire accessible and user-friendly information. RDS can help your organization facilitate the alignment and collaboration of payer-providers, build positive member relationships, and promote cost control efforts.

Member relationships are critical as payer-provider convergence increases and healthcare options become more complex. Interactions with present and prospective members provide opportunities to make positive and meaningful connections. But when you rely on paper-based processes and unconnected systems, it’s hard to follow through on those opportunities.

Customers want to connect with you on whatever platform they prefer. They expect applications, forms, and documents to be simple for employees to find, discuss, and proceed with, and they prefer customized communications.

Document Composition as a Service allows you to personalize communications and create version controls and audit trails, making your organization user-friendly and alluring to customers. Start your insurance digital transformation, using Forms Management Services to convert paper forms such as applications and contracts into editable e-forms. Implement Consumer Interactions Management Mail Systems with omnichannel contact initiatives and e-billing solutions.

How fast and smooth is the flow of your internal data? How quick are divisions or payer-provider business units able to collaborate? Is the IT team able to keep up with regular tasks as well as unique assignments? It may be time to consider digital transformation in insurance. Speed up the productivity of workers and lower organizational expenses by automating how information is collected, correctly processed, and transmitted in the correct format and application.

Controlled print services can improve the productivity of insurance workflows by addressing your cloud development and storage usage goals. Streamline printing from desktops and mobile devices by centralizing performance management.

Consider increasing IT resources with available employees, expertise, and equipment through IT Project Related Services. From preparation to execution, our people have the training and expertise to manage small or large projects.

The demands of eDiscovery may distract your legal personnel and consume large quantities of time. Let our Intelligent eDiscovery Solutions give you a hand in the form of hosted or on-demand cloud services for ESI analysis and legal document review. Or, you can take advantage of our digital forensics professionals and controlled review services as needed.

We understand the difficulty that comes with handling your claims. You must collect the details and process documentation you obtain from representatives and organizations that relate to medical claims, pre-approvals, appeals, and grievances. Processes based on paper are sluggish and prone to error, increasing labor costs. By digitizing information at the beginning of a project and converting manual work steps into scalable, automated systems, you are paving the way to increase performance, minimize errors, and lower operating expenditure.

As our Business Process Outsourcing Services experts provide digitization and data processing functions, including scanning paper documents and organizing your digital content, you will gain productivity and momentum. Readily available real-time data helps you to concentrate on analytics and make strategic decisions.

Eliminate costly preprinted forms by using the Forms Management Services to convert paper forms into editable e-forms. Capitalize on efficiency and save revenue with Records Management Systems that take business information risk, disaster recovery, and eDiscovery preparation into account.

Simplify notifications on requesting forms and relevant documents. It is costly and time-consuming to make your IT community write new code each time or run through iterations of graphic design. Report Composition as a Service offers version controls and automates the approval steps while maintaining internal and external compliance standards for the staff and applications up to date.

Legal Industry

Risk management is of utmost importance for law firms, especially when data breaches are happening more and more frequently. Discover options for all the needs of your client and business. See how your organization can streamline workflows, improve productivity, and help maintain sensitive customer information.

You are under more pressure than ever in this modern world of work to effectively manage your organization, increase your revenue sources, and improve your practice. You need to turn your law firm or legal department into a law business to go beyond just practicing law and to accept the evolving ways of practice.

With our support, this type of innovation in practice is within your reach.

Our mix of award-winning hardware, software, and technologies combined with our experienced experts will provide you with a personalized turn-key solution to tackle your major challenges. This starts with your data, which is at the heart of every decision that you make.

We will update your business processes and give you the resources to handle your information better, making it accessible to the people who most need it. Data can be collected, located, accessed, and used by your lawyers and your operations and litigation support staff whenever and wherever they need it. Not only can you help your growing mobile workforce, but you can also reduce risk, save money, and counsel clients more effectively.

Thanks to the frequent, crippling data breaches that seem to happen on a daily basis, risk management is a top priority these days.

And it’s especially important to you.

You need to secure not just your own details and records but also those of your customers. Your success depends on your ability to portray them accurately and present evidence. Any form of security vulnerability will cost you time, money, and, worst of all, credibility in our globally connected world.

That is why, for law firms and legal agencies, our risk and security solutions are so essential. It is not just your information that is at stake; it belongs to clients who depend on you every day. Let us help you to defend them, and yourself, with our wide variety of legal resources.

We will support successful processes of litigation and eDiscovery, help digitize and protect essential documents, and strengthen the ability to meet standards of governance and enforcement. We also provide consultation to help find any other places where you might be vulnerable.

Your practice is based on precision, efficacy, and performance.

Yet all too many law firms and legal departments are involved in: obsolete processes, outdated technology, abuse of resources, and lack of staff support.

When your activities are so vitally important to your survival, you can take no risk. This is where our solutions to Legal Activities and Technologies come in.

We will help you streamline your practice and refine how it works, from start to finish. That means enhancing your workflows to eliminate bottlenecks or inefficiencies and leveraging the latest technologies to support your mobile and connected workforce. If you’re low on space or other tools, we can help with that — but we can also help make better use of what you already have.

More importantly, you will experience true versatility and data efficiency when all of your systems, processes, and people are operating as one. In the time, location, and style that they need it, your people will have access to the information they need. When they do, not only can you perform better internally, but you will also help your customers more efficiently.

Insurance (Property and Casuality) Industry

Managing claims can be cumbersome when processes are obsolete. It gets difficult to keep costs down while managing risks and maintaining the necessary staff to handle customer concerns. By personalizing interactions, unifying and automating practices, and incorporating organizational insights, we can help you manage your company and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Service delivery can be sluggish, inefficient, and costly if you handle property and casualty insurance policies, claims, and appeals with obsolete, manual processes. You may need to recruit more staff when you add customers, but this approach raises costs and the risk of mistakes, which can worsen security.

Let us help you by digitizing data and replacing manual work steps with scalable, automated processes. You can start with Advanced Document Capture Services, which enables you to digitize and process paper documents in digital workflows at digital speed upon arrival.

Control of Consumer Correspondence Mail Services streamlines policy and claims management correspondence. For example, e-billing solutions may be used to display statements electronically and shorten payment periods. Additionally,, in your mailroom or print-and-mail service, a revitalized approach to mail management will remove bottlenecks.

Records Management Services provides an insurance records management strategy that addresses disaster recovery and readiness for eDiscovery. You can better support regulatory requirements and handle information in a cost-effective way with documents in a digital archive instead of file cabinets or off-site storage.

Insurtech has disrupted the insurance sector, offering ways to maximize and maintain good customer experience. However, two outcomes are common if your organization relies on paper to handle the details. Customers are increasingly irritated by the drawbacks of paper-based transactions, and because of labor-intensive workflows, your costs continue to increase. Imagine what would happen if your customers were able to access the applications, onboarding, ID cards, policy renewals, notification letters, statements, and other communications processes on any platform at digital speed. And consider the organizational advantages of greater productivity, fewer mistakes, less printing, and fewer file cabinets.

Our solutions assist the insurance automation that makes your company digitally activated and digitally connected. Management of Consumer Correspondence Mail Services encompasses the entire customer experience including integrated cross-media marketing, omnichannel correspondence, and e-billing solutions.

Document Composition as a Service simplifies and accelerates the production of custom brochures, flyers, letters, and more. Records Management Services digitize the records you are legally obligated to retain and organize them in a single archive, where the correct information can be found conveniently and efficiently by customer service reps.

The way customers live, drive, and travel is being changed by disruptive technologies such as on-demand car services and online apartment rental platforms. P C insurance lines need to keep pace with a competitive marketplace. To do that, you must focus on how you store, handle, and exchange information, ensuring that it reaches the people who need it in the correct format and application. Our people and digital technologies improve versatility while simultaneously helping manage operational spending.

Controlled Print Services offers on-site or offsite print management techniques as well as cost savings, such as those arising from shifting print to cloud. Whether projects are small or large, such as equipment upgrades, office transfers, or data center upgrades, IT Project Dependent Services are available. Our professional planners, project managers, and technicians understand the outsourcing of insurance IT and have the necessary resources to ensure that projects are delivered on schedule and on budget. You can help reduce your real estate footprint by using our services and handle changes in the workplace more easily.

Our Intelligent eDiscovery Services team provides legal experts and technologies so that you do not have to scale up internally, stepping in as needed. Control and maintain eDiscovery situations such as legal document analysis, litigation, forensics, and managed reviews.

Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is fast-paced, as corporations attempt to push research forward. These corporations need resources to promote creativity and development, improving the interactions of patients, consumers, and employees through improved access and sharing of data. Discover programs and technologies to motivate and drive operational efficiencies in digital workplaces.

Virtually every life sciences and pharmaceutical company is under pressure to speed up research and development and boost interaction with an increasing number of stakeholders including healthcare customers. At the same time, staying compliant with complex legislation and including operating costs is imperative.

Encouraging digital workplaces will enable people to access information on their own terms, communicate with each other and complete processes. How is Ricoh helping? Our Controlled Print Services allow production management to be centralized to help lower printing costs, safeguard information, and reduce waste. Our Print Platform Cloud Service allows you to free up your IT department resources , improve print protection, and gain cloud scalability so that you can keep pace with development.

Additionally, our Management Services for Facilities Workspace provide the tools and knowledge you need to better understand how you use your facilities, make workspaces more usable, and control costs. And the Digital Rights Management services and solutions from Ricoh will help you safeguard confidential information, whether in storage, in use, or in transit.

Life sciences and pharmaceutical companies are facing immense uncertainty from product production to commercialization, with regulatory specifications being among the greatest challenges. There is a growing demand to improve speed and efficiency of operations in a constantly evolving healthcare environment, with emerging payment and care delivery structures impacting how drugs are prescribed and used,

Life sciences and pharmaceutical companies must, at the same time, strive to develop and provide patients, clients, and their own teams with meaningful experiences. Ricoh will help make those interactions better with programs for designing, personalizing, creating, and distributing electronic and printed communications for improved patient/customer interactions. Our Managed Services in Production Print help reduce the strain of running and maintaining the print infrastructure required for patient and consumer communications.

Unleash Ricoh’s creative networking and collaboration tools, including Collaboration Services for working more efficiently anywhere and Visual Communications Services for high-quality remote video support, to improve employee interactions.

When your people can share ideas and knowledge, it empowers them to represent patients and consumers more efficiently and move towards your business goals.

More than ever, there is pressure from the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry to do more for less. There is a demand for more evolution, more novelty, a stronger effect on patients and public health, and less time and money spent carrying paper back and forth. Ricoh will help you work smarter as your business seeks to find new ways to boost productivity and efficiency.

Ricoh’s BPO Services for Digitization and Data Processing go beyond scanning documents. Our smart document and data capture tools make sense of incoming data and identify, sort, index, tag, and extract data automatically.

We help you search and capture paper-based documents so that unstructured information can be translated into usable information. Depositing digitized data into a content management system ( CMS) ensures that data can be processed, accessed, exchanged, and handled on-premises or in the cloud efficiently.

We provide enterprise content management based on web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS)—which helps to ensure that information spreads within the company based on what it is, who wants to access it, and how long they need access.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers must meet supply and demand in a rapidly-changing industry. The workplace solutions from Ricoh will help turn your manufacturing company into digital factories that make smart manufacturing even smarter. Our digital transformation team will help you develop and enforce a system that facilitates sustainable growth and creativity in manufacturing while also helping to safeguard your valuable data assets.

Perceptions of both workers and consumers are rapidly shifting, a change driven by smart devices and emerging technology. Employees will easily get disengaged if they do not have workplace technology that allows them to be productive — making it harder to satisfy consumer demands for greater variety in product options and more personal customer service interactions.

Your digital transformation path should be based on providing workers with the pace and flexibility they need to keep their customers happy and help them move forward. Many emerging creations make innovation simpler for employees — allowing you to get novel goods to market sooner. If you want to outpace the competition with more creative products and superior customer experience, using digitalization to speed up internal processes and improve productivity is a requirement.

With our digital workplace solutions portfolio, Ricoh will help you manage your digital transformation journey more effectively. Our mission is to provide feedback for your team which can help align your digital transformation with your business strategy.

Manufacturers combine consumers, business partners, digital processes, and advanced manufacturing technology in the search for change in the Industry 4.0 era, defining today’s smart factories by increasing manufacturing creativity and pace to market.

As you adapt to help meet the evolving needs of consumers, new challenges arise — including the infrastructure needed to scale up new development. This is particularly true in terms of the services you need to provide excellent service and support for your goods. We help clients develop innovative solutions that address complex challenges by leveraging our global manufacturing infrastructure. If you grow to other nations, we can help you streamline delivery networks or provide service technicians skilled in break/fix repairs.

Moreover, by bringing remote staff, manufacturing plant employees, and consumers together to exchange ideas anytime, we can help you improve interactions, preserve brand continuity, and improve collaboration. Let’s work together to maximize efficiency in your production facility and warehouse and distribution center and encourage workers to spend more time on creativity in manufacturing.

Considering the variety of manufacturing-specific knowledge assets — including assembly line schemes, product patents, and robotic configurations — controlling when, how, and by whom this data is accessed and exchanged is essential in helping to keep it secure. Today, jobs don’t always run on stable networks. This involves finding ways to help protect intellectual property while traveling. If your information is at rest, in transit, or in use, the management of digital rights will reduce risk by disabling specific functionality, reducing the usefulness of a document, restricting viewing to individual users, and enabling single browsing, auto-expiring files, and custom watermarks.

An effective strategy for information governance can help to provide peace of mind and trust and encourage your staff and partners to draw new insights from your production data, leading to increased innovation and customer satisfaction.

Retail Industry

In a world where everything is one click away, retail companies are faced with grabbing the attention of customers long enough to hold their business. Customers are looking for fast and easy shopping experiences that fit their needs. We can help you advance your brand development with interactive, automated activities that enhance the experience of retail customers and employee productivity.

For retailers, prospects exist to boost productivity and customer experience (CX). However, you can’t take advantage of these opportunities without digital skills. For instance, manual procedures slow down customer service, increase the chance of mistakes, and increase costs. You will be unable to quickly start a marketing campaign or endorse multi-channel retailing if your data is not well organized. Our solutions help solve these roadblocks and other areas of your business which can impede the growth of your brand.

Whether in-house or in the cloud, Digitization and Data Processing Services, which are based on eliminating manual and repetitive processes, and help you find the best way to manage, store, and secure your data.

Your customers expect personalized experiences, clear communications regardless of which platform they use, and flexible choices for purchasing and paying. Document Composition as a Service and Development Print Mail Services offers the capabilities to improve customer experience and response while streamlining communications and reducing postal costs.

The safeguarding of your company and confidential consumer data is critical. Cyber Security Services offers a customized approach and solutions for cybersecurity that integrate your compliance.

The consumer experience, which some claim is the most important component of brand success, can be made or destroyed by the employees. You can pave the way for employees to be efficient and happy by reducing as many internal pain points as possible. These attributes affect how they communicate with customers.

Often, this effort starts with data. For starters, paper forms can be daunting, unsecured, and error-prone. Other data can only reside in certain offices or stores, resulting in delayed or incomplete communications. Our Advanced Document Capture Services digitize data and convert it into content that can be searched, edited, and exchanged. Enterprise Content Management Systems, with automated workflows and access controls, provide a central repository for all forms of content. You will strengthen teamwork, pace document approvals, and collect accurate research data.

It can be difficult for the IT workers to keep up with websites, new store openings, network operations, and data center upgrades in an industry as competitive as retail. You can have your employees concentrate on strategic problems with IT Management Support Services while we take care of daily tasks such as providing help desk services and maintaining your servers and storage.

You can improve teamwork through Collaboration Programs while reducing travel costs related to meetings, training sessions, and product presentations. Technologies that allow remote access from any location can help safeguard your sensitive information.

Business growth is more focused on digital capabilities than ever before. Consumers expect to shop on several platforms and have a stress-free experience whether they’re in-store or online. If the experience isn’t positive and meaningful, they will likely turn to another store. It can be difficult to keep customers interested, but our experts help you make wise investments that can quickly pay off.

Our team of Consulting Services works with you to establish short- and long-term goals, including:

Emotionally engaging with your customers through customized communications, using analytics to help tailored shopping, and seeking ways to help secure and meet security standards for confidential data by digitizing data, re-engineering and automating processes, and making it easy to find and use.

To please your customers, try using a buy-online-pick up-in-store service (BOPIS) to get consumers back into a store. Or try installing lockers in the city, such as in airports, to establish an alternate revenue source. Intelligent Locker Facilities provide email alerts and “click and grab” pickup or return package monitoring. When you’re able to make the most of it, digital transformation is perfect for retail companies.


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GreenLine Solution

GreenLine copiers: Remanufactured Ricoh MFPs meet ISO 9001:2008 standards, reducing environmental impact. Reliable, high-performance, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly access to like-new MFPs and printers.

Cost Efficiency

Significantly more affordable than new models, providing cost savings.

Quality Control

Undergoes stringent quality control testing by certified technicians to ensure reliability.

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Workgroup MFP Printer

LaserJet copiers use laser technology for fast, high-quality document copying, commonly employed in business and office environments.

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Desktop MFP Printer

Plotters: specialized for high-quality large-format prints, ideal for technical drawings in architecture, engineering, and design.

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Production Copiers

Production copiers: high-speed, heavy-duty for large-volume printing; used in professional environments with advanced features.

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Interactive Whiteboard

Smart whiteboards: touchscreen, interactive software, multimedia support; used in education and business for collaboration, gesture recognition, and integration with apps and tech.

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Wide-Format Printers

Wide-format printers: produce large graphics, used in advertising, engineering, architecture; inkjet and laser technologies.

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VoIP Phone Solutions

Wide-format printers: produce large graphics, used in advertising, engineering, architecture; inkjet and laser technologies.

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Security Cameras

24/7 monitoring, live footage indoors/outdoors, pro installation, wireless safety, mobile app control.

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