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3 Ways to save on your business printers

Setting up an office with equipment is an expensive proposition, but partnering with the right equipment supplier can make it easier and more affordable than you may think. There are several ways of economizing when outfitting your office with printers, while at the same time getting reliable, eco-friendly equipment.

How Much is The Initial Cost?

One of the biggest questions facing a business owner as they are setting up their office is initial cost. The options for acquiring equipment are outright purchase or leasing. Of these two, the leasing option has the least initial cash outlay. An office can get the printers it needs for relatively no cash outlay and get the peace of mind that comes with working with a solid company that stands behind it products and services. Knowing that every few years your equipment is upgraded to newer technology, with no real cash outlay, is reassuring as technology is constantly changing.

Purchasing printers is also a viable option if the company has the cash available and the current technology fits their needs for the near future. Both methods of acquisition have their own tax-related benefits and treatment. Business owners should consult their tax professional to help determine which option fits their situation best.

What are the Operating Expenses?

Technology has played a vital role in decreasing the day-to-day operational costs related to office printers. Eco settings on printers include toner-saver and power-saving. In order to maximize your savings, you should partner with a supplier that deals in green equipment. Someone whose focus is on these eco-friendly printers is able to help you find the best solution for your printing needs.

Along with the possible eco-savings by using green machines, using a thoroughly restored machine -- as opposed to brand-new -- has great potential savings. Partnering with a company that specializes in restoring printers and standing behind them is vital to saving money and operating an efficient and productive workplace.

Managed Print Solutions

An often overlooked cost aspect of printing in the workplace is the lack of print management. If your company is not using a managed print solution, you need to consider it. Using a managed print solution can decrease expenses and cut costs on everything from electricity to paper and toner. Paper usage is increasing every year in the double digits in most companies. Managing paper consumption and waste can save thousands per year. Decreasing the volume of unnecessary printing also directly affects the service issues related to printers. Your printers will last longer, run smoother and require less maintenance. Partnering with a company that offers a complete managed print solution is your best option to control these costs.

If you think about it, you probably don't have a clear picture on what you are spending on paper and supplies for your printers. Sure, the numbers are on a spreadsheet somewhere, but they may have never been quantified to see how much of that number is waste. More importantly, you probably have no idea how much of your business printing is redundant or unnecessary and ends up in the recycling bin. Having a partner come in to evaluate your unique situation and make recommendations on how to reduce consumption and waste can lead to huge savings.

There are many solutions that help eliminate printing. There are mobile solutions available as well as digital document solutions. The need to print out everything for review or markup is no longer a valid argument. The RDS Team is here ready to help you contain and manage your printing expenses, from initial acquisition to managing the day-to-day costs. Please contact us for a no-cost initial consultation.

Deciding on leasing vs. buying, picking the most productive and efficient printers that suit your business needs and managing the day-to-day costs associated with printing are crucial decisions that should not be made in a vacuum. Finding a reputable and results-driven partner that can help with these decisions should be a top priority.