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If you've never used a VoIP phone system, you may wonder what it is and how it works. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol digitizes and transmits your voice over the internet and then over a phone line to finalize the phone call. VoIP calls can be initialized over a regular phone, using a smartphone app, via a computer, or on a specially designed VoIP phone. Since VoIP technology uses a broadband internet connection rather than analog or traditional phone systems, businesses can benefit from the much lower costs and flexibility of a VoIP system.

The Core Benefits of VoIP Phone Solutions

VoIP phone solutions deliver a wide-range of benefits. Here's what most business customers enjoy about their VoIP phone system.

1. Save Money

VoIP is less expensive than traditional phone systems, especially for long distance communications.

2. Take Your VoIP Phone System with You Wherever You Go

Companies with remote workers or travel requirements will appreciate VoIP's portability. As long as internet access is available, VoIP dial tone is easy to acquire, and there are no concerns about additional charges for long distance. Users can even access their VoIP system via email to make low-cost calls to the home office, business partners, or clients.

3. Flexible Solutions

VoIP isn't limited to phone calls. VoIP customers can initiate and conduct video conferencing meetings with co-workers and business partners. An internet connection makes the process simple and inexpensive, even when traveling abroad.

4. Use Your Existing Phone

A VoIP converter or adapter is all that's needed to begin using a VoIP system. A VoIP converter that plugs into your computer picks up signals from your phone and converts them to digital data.

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