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Florida Authorized Ricoh & Brother Dealer

If you're worried about a print-related security breach (and who isn't these days?), put your trust in Ricoh's multifunction copiers. As a global leader in the imaging industry, Ricoh can provide your organization with top-tier security solutions designed to keep your information away from bad actors.

Why Contacting Your Miami-area Ricoh Dealer Should Top Your To-do List

1. Ricoh's Commitment to Security

Your Ricoh dealer knows how important print security is to your organization. That's why security is never an afterthought in Ricoh multifunction copiers; every device is designed with security in mind. Here's what you can expect.

  • Built-in security features on every device
  • Security built into every application
  • Solutions designed to protect data

2. What Others are Saying

A true test of excellence is when others give a thumbs-up to your security solutions, and Ricoh USA is the beneficiary of one such honor. IDC MarketScape analyzes the products and services offered by the ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) industry. Their rigorous assessment tools provide end-users with the assurance they need to move forward with a particular vendor's service and equipment offerings. IDC MarketScape's Robert Palmer says that Ricoh "places a premium on security," and recognizes that every product and service in Ricoh's line-up is "designed from the bottom up with security in mind."

3. Gain Peace of Mind

Running a business isn't a part-time job, and print security concerns shouldn't crowd out your limited time. Your Ricoh dealer can take print security off your already-too-long list of responsibilities, leaving you more time to concentrate on growing your business.

If you have questions about print security vulnerabilities in your organization, contact us at RDS today! As an authorized Ricoh dealer, we take security as seriously as you do!