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Do you know where to look for vulnerabilities within your digital environment? IT management teams can evaluate your infrastructure, pinpointing potential weak points that could allow bad things onto your network.

Consider These Advantages of Professional IT Management

Evaluating the Threats

Your network and everyone else's can be bombarded with threats at any given time, but they don't all carry the same weight. IT management professionals have the skill to assess these threats and deal with them accordingly. They'll have adequate warning to address critical issues that could compromise your network, and you won't need to panic over every low-impact threat.

Assessing Your Situation

Just as some threats are simpler to address than others, some security vulnerabilities within your infrastructure may require little more than a simple adjustment. But don't assume that a simple fix doesn't require urgent action. Overlooking these easy-to-correct problems can have catastrophic consequences. In the case of the Equifax breach, a five-minute fix could have (and eventually did) solve the problem, but their failure to act quickly resulted in a major security breach.

Here's a list of some simple (but urgent) fixes your company can begin addressing now.

  • Act on software update alerts. Yes, it's a hassle to stop what you're doing to update software, but it's a whole lot worse when a forgotten update results in a catastrophic security breach.

  • Use strong passwords. Assess the passwords currently in use throughout your organization, and implement a company-wide policy addressing weak password choices. Change the default passwords that came with your computers, mobile devices, and imaging equipment.

  • Use two-factor authentication. Whenever two-factor authentication is an option, take advantage of this second layer of protection.

Don't risk everything you've worked for by ignoring security vulnerabilities. Contact the IT management team at RDS for a network assessment today!