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Try Managed Services

Have you ever wondered why so many companies are deciding to give managed services a try? From managed print to enterprise content management, business leaders know that outsourcing helps them save money, improve productivity, and even protect their confidential information.

Managed Services are Worth the Investment

1. Customized Assistance Without the High Cost

Managed print services begin with an assessment of your print environment. Since no two companies utilize printing in the same way, this assessment period helps managed print services providers understand how your employees interact with your printers, how hard copy documents fit in your business processes, and if any of your current printing falls into the non-essential category.

The managed print services assessment is followed by a customized approach to improving how your company uses print technologies.

  • Improved print workflows
  • Solutions to reduce wasteful printing habits
  • Fleet right-sizing to streamline your printer fleet and minimize high-cost and non-essential devices
2. Reduce Your Use of Paper

Even though managed print services' middle name is print, providers are very good at reducing your dependency on paper and the printed document. They'll show you how to use features on your multifunction printers to reduce wasteful printing, use less toner, and deploy paperless document management solutions.

3. Improve Device Performance

Managed print services providers know how to keep your equipment operating per manufacturer's specifications. They'll use remote monitoring software to keep tabs on performance issues and can often correct problems before your staff is aware anything is happening. Proactive maintenance and access to industry-trained technicians means your devices will perform better and last longer.

When you partner with the RDS Team, you'll have an answer to the question, "Why managed services?" Contact us to learn more today!