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The Value of Monochrome in Business Printing

Although color certainly offers its advantages, monochrome printing dominates many office environments for very practical reasons. Oftentimes, monochrome printing is simply all that is needed, due to business requirements or budgetary constraints. Knowing the benefits of monochrome printing can help you save time and money. Understanding just how far the world of monochrome printing has come can give you peace of mind that your printed documents can look great—even in black and white.

Here are several benefits of monochrome printing.

Speed: Maybe you need documents printed quickly and on an immediate basis. Color printing, while flashy and appealing, is going to take up more time than monochrome printing. Monochrome laser printers work faster than almost any inkjet. In doing so, there is no loss of quality, and your high-volume jobs will be done in no time.

Going green: Monochrome printing uses fewer consumables, like toner cartridges. Because of this, relying heavily on monochrome printing actually allows your business to help the environment. Fewer consumables in landfills add up to savings of fuel, water, and greenhouse gasses. By choosing monochrome, you will be printing in black and white, but your office will also be going green!

Saving money: The reduced need for consumables means there will be fewer instances of you reaching into your business’s pocketbook. By printing in black and white, you’re helping your business stay in the black. Monochrome printing gets the job done, while not overspending in unneeded areas.

High quality: Although color printing certainly has many benefits, monochrome printing has many features that businesses often overlook. The idea of monochrome printing often brings to mind images of boring documents. However, thanks to technological advances, monochrome printing offers a wide array of options for your project, such as professional finishing options that can help give you a competitive edge.

To learn more about how monochrome printing can help save your business time and money, contact RDS today.